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Running a game in Window vs Full Screen

Guest Bryan

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Guest Bryan

I decided to play through Alpha Centauri again and loaded it on my PC. I can only get it to run in full screen mode, however. How can I get it to run in a window? The old Alt-Enter doesn't work.



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According to a quick Google search which landed me here:


The following arguments may be given to Alpha Centauri:


[-h | --help] Display this help message

[-v | --version] Display the game version

[-f | --fullscreen] Run the game fullscreen

[-w | --windowed] Run the game in a window

[-s | --nosound] Do not access the soundcard

[-c | --nocdrom] Do not access the CD-ROM


EDIT: D'oh! That's for the Linux version. Never mind.

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Guest Bryan
Originally posted by RingWraith@May 20 2004, 10:44 AM

Place your monitor in front of a window.

Nobody appreciates smart-ass answers.


More than me! :green:

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