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Who's building/buying new pc for doom3 and HL2?


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Oh I am. Looking to build one. Currently looking at:


Asus P4C800-E Deluxe MB

P4 either 2.6 or 2.8 or higher depending on prices at the time I buy

1GB ram, probably corsair twinpack C2


Then whatever the fastest video card is. Probably an Audigy 2 sound card. Probably 2 120GB WD 8mb cache HD's.


Thats what I've been pricing through newegg recently. I hear cpu prices are gonna drop in Oct because of prescott cpu's coming out so I'm hoping to hold off until that happens.

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I just bought a P4 2.8 with Radeon 9800 and Half-Life 2 was definitely one of the reasons I bought the machine.


However, I needed the machine for other reasons that could not wait. If I was only buying for the games, I would have waited a couple of more months, and the deal/power still gets better.


Still, I'm very pleased that my new machine should be fantastic for Half-Life 2, and still quite respectable for Doom III.

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XBL_RuFfNeCk that looks to be about what I'm gonna do. I'm currently running on a 800Mhz P3 with a geforce 2 so I'm due for an upgrade.


Are you sure that isn't your wallet you hear?


All that doesn't cost that much. Probably the most expensive items are the CPU and video card. What I priced out came in around 1500 or so and that was 2 weeks ago. I don't need a monitor so that saves me a couple hundred also.


The big problem that keeps creeping into my head is that I could just keep holding off forever :) There is always something new or cheaper prices "just around the corner". I'm thinking that when I finally see HL2 on the shelf available to take home then I'll go and put my parts order in. I'm actually hoping HL2 is pushed back to the holidays, that'll let me push my purchase back till after the first of the year.

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