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Ding! Hear the bells...


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So I'll have beer in hand and paper hat on head this evening. Anyone care to join me?

I?ll be up for some RS3, maybe some Wolfenstein, and if I take my lazy ass to the store maybe even some RSC2. Hell I bought XIII last week for $10, and haven?t even opened it yet, so that could be fun as well.


So If you in, post here or forever hold you piece. (That?s what she said.)

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Can't hear the bell, wait for the bell, there is the bell!


I'm in for RS3 and RSC2!


What about you, Chris (Ruffneck)? Up for some RSC2?


Comcast finally upgraded our upload bandwidth, so it looks like I can at least host an 8-player game. I might be up for some co-op RS3, too. haven't done that in a while.



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You guys still play RS3, then? I've seen it a few places cheap, but dismissed it as I assumed everyone had given up and move to Splinter Cell. (SC2 still means Misurugi ownage to me)


I might be on at some point to try out the new PGR2 things, though, along with some UT2K4.

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