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What DVDs will you be buying on 5/25?

Angel P

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May 25

2 Days (Hart Sharp)

Across the Tracks (First Look)

Alien Terminator (New Concorde)

Angel of Destruction (New Concorde)

Battle Hymn (Universal)

Big Time (First Look)

Born Innocent (VCI)

Brady Bunch in The White House, The (Paramount)

Broken Lizard's Club Dread (Fox) Brother's Kiss, A (First Look)

Bubba Ho-Tep (Special Edition) (MGM)

Burial of the Rats (New Concorde)

By The Sea (Desert Mountain Media)

Captain Midnight (Serial) (VCI)

Como Perros Con Rabia (Mad Dogs) (Vanguard)

Crash Dive (Fox)

Crocodile Tears (Ariztical)

Cruel Intentions 3 (Columbia/Tri-Star)

Custer of the West (MGM)

Dances with Wolves (Movie-Only Version) (MGM)

Duel in the Sun (MGM)

El Gangster (The Gangster) (Excalibur)

Enemy Below, The (Fox)

Fist of the North Star (First Look)

Future Fear (New Concorde)

Game of Death II (Fox)

Gray Lady Down (Universal)

Growing Up Brady (Paramount)

Guncrazy (1992) (First Look)

Guns of the Magnificent Seven (MGM)

Gypsy Eyes (First Look)

Heathcliff: The Movie (UAV)

Hell in the Pacific (MGM)

Hickey & Boggs (MVD)

Hunters, The (Fox)

Junior Bonner (MGM)

Junk Food (Kino)

Keeper of Time, The (New Concorde)

Lady Ice (VCI)

Lamerica (New Yorker)

Lancelot of the Lake (New Yorker)

Larry Cohen Collection, The (Blue Underground) (Includes: Bone, God Told Me To, Q: The Winged Serpent)

Last Chance (Showtime)

Last Valley, The (MGM)

Lemon Sky (First Look)

Leopard, The (Criterion)

Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The (New Line) (Includes Theatrical Cuts of All 3 Films)

Lord of the Rings, The: The Return of the King (New Line) (Theatrical Cut)

Lost Treasure of Sawtooth Island, The (MTI)

Magnificent Seven Ride, The (MGM)

Man Escaped, A (New Yorker)

Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence (First Look)

Midnight Kiss (First Look)

Midnight Skater (Tempe)

Minute to Pray, A Second To Die, A (MGM)

Miracle of Marcellino (VCI)

Miss Firecracker (First Look)

Morituri (Fox)

Mrs. Dalloway (First Look)

New York Cop (First Look)

No Man is an Island (Universal)

Nora's Hair Salon (DEJ)

On Common Ground (Hart Sharp)

Operation Scorpio (Fox)

Outfitters (First Look)

Painted Stallion, The (Serial) (VCI)

Price For Peace (Dreamworks)

Prodigal Son (Fox)

Royal Warriors (Fox)

Sangre Fria (In Cold Blood) (Vanguard)

Saturday Night Special (New Concorde)

Saving Private Ryan: D-Day 60th Anniversary Commemorative Edition (Dreamworks)

Searching for Wooden Watermelons (Vanguard)

Sexy American Idle (E.I. Independent)

Shade (Warner Bros.) (Director & Cast Commentary/Card Tricks/MORE)

Shalako (MGM)

Shameless (First Look)

Shock to the System, A (First Look)

Shooting War (Dreamworks)

Showgirl Murders (New Concorde)

Si Te Dicen Que Cai (If They Tell You I Fell) (Vanguard)

Silent Cradle (First Look)

Slaughterhouse-Five (Universal)

Smiles of a Summer Night (Criterion)

Son Frere (His Brother) (Strand)

Son, The (New Yorker)

Straight Right (Ariztical)

Stray Dog (Criterion)

That 70's Girl (E.I. Independent)

Tirando a Gol ( Shot on Goal) (Excalibur)

To Hell and Back (Universal)

Too Late the Hero (MGM)

Ultrachrist! (MVD)

Undersea Kingdom (Serial) (VCI)

Underworld (Unrated Extended Cut) (Columbia/Tri-Star)

Wake Island (Universal)

Weather Underground, The (Docurama)

Welcome To Mooseport (Fox)

What Boys Like (Monarch)

What Price Glory? (Fox)

Wild Card (Ardustry)

Wizards (Fox)

World War II Collection, The (Dreamworks)

Yank Tanks (Vanguard)

You Were Never Lovelier (Columbia/Tri-Star)

Young Master (Fox)


I'll wait for the extended edition of ROTK so nothing for me this week.


I didn't get a chance to put up the dvd list for May 18 so I'll put it up now to see what the LCVGers picked up.


May 18

Alien 51 (York)

Angel Heart (Special Edition) (Lions Gate)

Ant Farm Video (Facets)

Around the World in 80 Days (Special Edition) (Warner Bros.)

Before Stonewall (First Run Pictures)

Best of Gay Britain (First Run Pictures)

Bluetorch Evolving (UrbanWorks)

Brief Crossing (Wellspring)

Cock & Bull Story (Wolfe)

Day After, The (MGM)

Deluge, The (Facets)

El Matador (Maverick)

Embalmer, The (First Run Pictures)

Enter the Dragon (Special Edition) (Warner Bros.)

Epoch: Evolution (DEJ)

Gene Krupa Story, The (Columbia/Tri-Star)

Girlhood (Wellspring)

Golf Balls (Hart Sharp)

Good, The Bad & The Ugly, The (Restored Special Edition) (MGM)

Great Escape, The (Special Edition) (MGM)

K.J. Cali Swangin - Street Rider (UrbanWorks)

Leo (First Look)

Lesbian Romance Collection (First Run Pictures)

Live Forever (First Look)

Loving Father (TLA Releasing)

Macarthur Park (Sundance)

Me and Miss Jones (UrbanWorks)

Miracle (Buena Vista)

Moon Child (TLA Releasing)

Mr. Klein (Home Vision)

Murder at Devil?s Glen / The Haunting Passion (Double Feature) (Wellspring)

Murder in Portland (Ariztical)

Oriana (Facets)

Party Animalz (Lions Gate)

Paycheck (Paramount)

Rhapsody of Spring (Facets)

Roaring Across the Horizon (Facets)

Rude Boy (Lions Gate)

Rustler's Rhapsody (Paramount)

Samurai Trilogy, The (Criterion) (Includes: Samurai I: Musashi Miyamoto, Samurai II: Duel at Ichijoji Temple, Samurai III: Duel at Ganryu Island)

Sherlock Holmes (The Essential DVD Set) (Delta) (Contains: Silver Blaze, A Study In Scarlet, And The Secret Weapon, The Woman In Green, Terror By Night, Dressed To Kill, Television Series, And The Deadly Necklace)

Shoot Or Be Shot (Fox)

Solo Mia (Wellspring)

Smallville: The Complete Second Season

Stay Hungry (MGM)

Testament of Dr. Mabuse, The (Criterion)

Tigrero: A Film That Was Never Made (Fantoma Films)

Tin Drum, The (Criterion)

Torque (Warner Bros.)

Traveling to Olympia (Ariztical)

Undercover Brothers (UrbanWorks)

Walt Disney Treasures (Mickey Mouse In Living Color: Volume 2) (Buena Vista)

Walt Disney Treasures (On The Front Lines) (Buena Vista)

Walt Disney Treasures (The Chronological Donald) (Buena Vista)

Walt Disney Treasures (Tomorrowland) (Buena Vista)

Wind, The (MTI)

Woman's A Helluva Thing, A (Showtime)

Wyatt Earp (Special Edition) (Warner Bros.)

You Got Served (Columbia/Tri-Star)

Zatoichi #12 (Zatoichi and the Chess Expert) (Home Vision)

Zatoichi #13 (Zatoichi's Vengeance) (Home Vision)

Zatoichi #15 (Zatoichi's Cane Sword) (Home Vision)


For me: Only Smallville S2. No luck trying to find Rustler's Rhapsody so I'll try online.

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I bought Miracle last week along with its $2 addition(Do you believe in Miracles?). I was tempted by Enter the Dragon, Good and the Bad and the Ugly, Great Escape, Wyatt Earp and the Disney Treasures.


I plan to wait until the EE disc to pick up ROTK. The SPR disc doesn't appear to have the DTS track on the previous version and the DD isn't that good IMHO especially when I already have the DD Laserdisc which kicks its butt.

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This past week was the most painful in a while:


Around the World in 80 Days

Enter the Dragon

The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Great Escape

Wyatt Earp

Disney Treasures wave 4


Along with randomly picking up Ghost Dog ($6.99!) and Chappelle's Show S1. Equilibrium's price drop to $14.99 at Best Buy (not sure when this happened) was tempting me as well. Next week, RotK is a definite buy, Bubba Ho-Tep is a maybe, and Stray Dog is an I-wish-Criterions-weren't-so-damned-expensive. ;)

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Bubba Ho-Tep, even though MGM will slash the price by a third in a couple of months. Woulda bought Buffy if I didn't already have a review copy. For Buffy fans who were initially disappointed with season six, give it a second look on DVD -- it played much better for me the second time through, especially watching 'em in quick succession.


I've seen Club Dread and Welcome to Mooseport, and I wouldn't recommend either.

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May 25:


Buffy 6, and S5 since I didn't get it then.

I might get Saving Private Ryan, but I haven't found a good price on it.

I'll hold on Club Dread due to price and I haven't seen it yet.



May 18

Enter the Dragon

Caught up on some cds: Jet, Hoobastank & Joss Stone (are we listing cds here? hehe)

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May 18

Samurai Trilogy (well I ordered it from Amazon.ca forever-ago, but it's now been shipped.

Triplets of Belleville (not on the list, but this is when it released in Canada) Cool packaging, and a great movie.


May 25

Oh, I'll probably get Return of the King if there's a good price on it.

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