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One of the great things about doing the SciFi Journal TV show Calvin & I work on is some of the opportunities that come our way to do some really cool things.


Tonight, ( well, as I am writing this it is tonight ) we had the chance to take part in a movie titled " Feeding the Masses " which is being filmed in Pawtucket RI this month. Here are a few piccy's of us all dolled up for our big night on the town.




Our SciFi Journal and SOCOM movie master Mike Jr, me & Cal




Close ups right after leaving make up area.





We did say " Till death do us part "







A lot of time was spent waiting around for them to decide how to shoot the scenes.






Who needs Interview With a Vampire ? We interviewed Zombies !





A very creepy close up of Mike Jr with fresh makeup.






We are not sure when the movie will be released, but it is scheduled to be shown at film festivals around the country, and will be on DVD eventually. We had a lot of fun, but it was also a lot of standing around in chilly weather waiting. But it was worth it. :tu:

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Originally posted by Sam P@May 23 2004, 01:23 PM

Wow!! That's pretty cool!


What do you guys do? Are you part of the production crew?

The Rhode Island Science Fiction Club ( which we belong to ) has a access show we do monthly. Cal has been a host for many years, and since I moved up here, I started working a camera, then moved into the booth as director. We all do what ever is needed on the show though. I also host the video game segment of the show with Cal on occasion. You can see some of the stuff we do at http://www.risfc.org


As for the zombie stuff, it is an actual movie and we were Zombie extras for some of the scenes. Like I said, it is slated for showing at a lot of film festivals around the country, and will be released on DVD sometime. So if you are a B grade horror movie lover, we might be in your home theatre room someday !

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Since you live in NYC, do you ever have the opportunity to watch any of the various movies or TV shows that are filmed there ? I know Law & Order is filmed there as well as a few others. What about any of the rest of the LCVG crew ? Any one get to watch or take part in something like this ? Or even get a good look at a celebrity ?

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Originally posted by iainl@May 24 2004, 07:10 AM

Well, they were shooting a scene from the new series of Midsomer Murders in town the weekend before last. But then, I don't think anyone else here even knows what that is.

I believe that is an updated version of Thomas Barnaby books written by Carline Graham no ? I read Death in Disguise and Written in Blood by her awhile back. Then again I could be wrong, but I don't think I am. :tu:

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