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Apparently an updated version of this Atari ST game is coming to the Xbox and PS2 in a short 2 weeks. The game is being developed at Argonaut's Sheffield studio which is being headed by the game's original creator, Michael Powell. The game carry's a budget price of 29.99 and will apparently feature full online support for the Playstation 2 and the Xbox. Argonaut (though not specifically this team/studio) is also responsible for the development of Carve for those who do not recognize the name. Figured I'd throw this out there as Carve was a pleasant suprise and this game may end up being the same...


Here is the gamespace over at Gamespot for those interested:




The game ships on June 1'st.

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I played the original Powerdrome on my Amiga 500, back in the VERY early 90's. It was a pretty damn cool game, at the time.


Been curious about this updated title but, I think I'll wait for either the "pro" reviews or, if some of the boys around here post some.


I still gotta figure out a way to afford Thief 3, Riddick, Full Spectrum Warrior! :wtf: They're all coming out in the next 2 weeks as well!

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It got a fairly reasonable (but nothing outstanding) review in this month's Edge. Plusses are the stunning graphics, and the impression of speed (which is right up there with F-Zero GX, apparently), but they felt that the clich?d character design and general styling didn't do enough to really distinguish it from other futuristic hover-vehicle racers like WipEout and Quantum Redshift, and the pack is so bunched together that overtaking it can be a nightmare.


The powerup and bonus system is designed to make it easier for those already leading the pack, as you get overboost rewards for how long you go without a collision - something that is really difficult to avoid while overtaking, due to that bunching and AI agressiveness. Still, it does make time-trialling more interesting, apparently.


Also, a lot of the gloss seems to be missing from the PS2 build, as its done with DirectX pixel shaders on the XBox.


So all things considered, its not top of my list of purchases, but I may well pick it up if I find it as cheap as Carve.

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