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Even though last night was one of the quietest in my time playing CoH, it was a good night :) Both Dave and I made it to level 19 :Rock:


Running through Skyway City was a sight to be seen as, Shawn, Dave, Kelley, and myself, handed level 19 mobs their collective asses in what seemed to be about 30 seconds a battle, or 200 XP per 30 seconds :D


I'll be on again tonight most likely after I get back from a friends, so probably around 10-11. Hope to see some more on :tu:

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New patch out today:


City Zones



Unresponsive villains in the Circle of Thorns caves should defend their lairs again.





Several Task Force Mission issues have been fixed.

Fixed some problems with higher-level Task Force story arcs.

Fix for a ? Mission ? map server crash occurring whenever a player had a mission map running and logged off from a City Zone.





The Vahzilok disease issue has been fixed.




Task Force Rewards now give XP and Influence as well as the Enhancement.





Removed Jump Enhancements from Sprint.

Increased Damage and Reduced END cost of Parry (Broadsword and Katakana).

Fixed (Reduced) END cost of Katana/Slice.

Fixed (Reduced) Recharge Time of Radiation Emission/Accelerate Metabolism.

Storm Summoning/Thunder Clap now accepts Accuracy Enhancements.

Increased the Accuracy of Storm Summoning/Thunder Clap. It now can affect more targets.

Fixed text message for Broadsword and Katana Whirling Sword. Added message that it debuffs the target's defense. Power is unchanged, only the message was updated.

Fixed Pets traveling slower at higher levels

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Just to serve as testimony to what Scott was saying, between partnering with him for a few hours and then finishing the night with him, Shawn, and Kelley, I picked up over 13,000 exp in under 5 hours. Yes, there was some slaying going down in Skyway last night, and no mistake! :tu:


Congrats to Scott and Kelley on their level-ups!


As usual, Cynder will be patrolling the streets of Paragon City tonight. The only potential hitch is that I rented both ROTK and Paycheck yesterday and both of them have to be back tomorrow, so I might watch one of them tonight with the wife after the baby goes to bed. So I may not be on until late.

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I'll be on later tonight. I need to take a nap when I get home, as I'm only getting about 3 to 4 hours a sleep per night lately, but who says lack of sleep should stop me from playing CoH.


Is it about time that we start taking on Task Force Missions?



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HOLY CRAP!!! Lvl 19? 13,000 of XP? ummm....yeah. My best Hero is slowly moving along at level 7 (almost 8). This weekend the lady of the house is going out of town so I should be able to to some catching up. But still. Who needs a sidekick? I could use some of that extra xp!!! Hopefully I'll be able to get on tonight. But again it won't be until late atleast 10:30 pacific.

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A word of advice for my fellow heroes :)


When fighting a group of level 14s, that you're handling quite well, don't be the jackass that decides to rest to get some endurance back to finish them off. Why you ask? Because as soon as they wake up and hit you with what would normally be a hit for 5-10 points, they hit you for 385 hit points :bang: :bang: :bang:


Nothing like 1100 debt to start off with at 19 :evil:

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Wow, I guess when they say "you are very vulnerable to enemy attacks in this state", they mean it!!! Good gravy. Thanks for testing that statement out, Scott, so the rest of us don't have to. :)


For those of you who played with me last night, you might be interested to know that the devs are looking into modifying the burn power so that it has a chance of breaking a hold on a mob. I think that is a good and necessary "nerf", because the combo of Scott and Kelley's holds last night plus a burn patch or two really seemed to take some of the fun out of the game. In the meantime, I think I am going to stick to the informal vow I made last night not to use burn against white cons and below (unless we are getting our tails kicked, of course).


It's tough, because by itself, Burn is kind of useless. I jump into a pack of mobs, I drop a burn, they take maybe 15 damage each, and they run away. It takes 22 endurance to drop and several seconds to recharge, so it's not like I can just throw them around willy-nilly. But when mixed with a controller's holds, it's way too powerful. I think the proposed adjustment where every time the game calculates damage, it also calculates a percentage chance that the mob is freed from the hold is a good solution. I'm curious to hear your thoughts, though.


The idea behind burn, I believe, was that a tanker would use it in conjunction with something like Provoke, so that he is keeping mobs within the flames, yes, but he is also getting whaled on the whole time. So he has to be very mindful of how many hits he is taking while he is provoke/burning. Especially since Fire tankers have by far the weakest defense of all tanker classes. But when the mobs he is going against are stunned or frozen, it almost feels kind of cheap to just stack up three burns and watch even a red mobs' health vaporize at insane speeds without ever risking taking a hit in return.

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The changes sound right to me. While it is very powerful, as you said, it's really noticeable when the baddies are stunned. I can see them doing something like they did with my Telekinesis, where it works pretty much all of the time, except on Bosses and Villains that are at or over my level. Lower Bosses and Villains, it'll hit, but not like it does on minions and LTs.


Either way, no matter what they do to nerf burn, it'll always have a use in P.O.R.N :tu:

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Originally posted by gigapower@May 26 2004, 04:47 PM

I got a new power last night, can't wait to try it out tonight....its something called ice storm.

That's most likely the equivalent of a Fire Blasters Rain of Fire. If it is, you'll be very happy with it :)

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