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LCD Flat Panel question...


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Hey gang, I just got my Dell 2001FP set up and tried out City of Heroes with it in 1600x1200 mode. Looks pretty spectacular! Except...I've noticed a phenomenon with the LCD that I never noticed with the CRT I used to have.


Take a look at this picture, and I'm curious as to what's causing the cross-hatching I see in the shadow areas. Is this just a product of using the LCD, or is there something I can do about it?


Thanks in advance for your help!



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I've never noticed that using my 2001FP. Plus if it was a prodcut of the monitor, I doubt you'd be able to capture it successfully with a screenshot.


My guess is it's a driver issue. I think you have a Radeon of some sort... Are you using the latest Catalyst drivers?

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Well, the fact that its showing up on a screenshot, that is ripped from the framebuffer before the monitor even sees it, suggests that its not actually caused by the monitor.


I suspect you've actually messed up your bi/trilinear filtering settings, or somehow else forced it to use a more simple method for the shadowing.


Did you increase your resolution to match the LCD at the same time? Its possible that either the driver or the game changed the graphics complexity automatically in response, to ensure your framerate.

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Okay, now that you mention it, it makes sense that it's not the panel, since I can produce it in a screenshot. :oops:


Does the fact that I'm now using DVI vs. Analog have anything to do with it? That's the only difference between my CRT and the new Panel.


I did upgrade to the latest Catalysts, no change. :?


Edit: This also appears to be the only game I've tried so far that exhibits it. Far Cry, Painkiller, UT2004 all seem fine... Hmmmm

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