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Motherboard chipset advice...


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I'm in the process of choosing a Mobo for my new system, and I'm down to two candidates: Biostar K8HNA-Pro and MSI K8T NEO-FSR, which feature-wise are almost identical (one has an extra DIMM slot).


The difference that has me wondering is the chipset. The Biostar is an nForce 3 150 chipset and the MSI is the VIA K8T800 chipset. Are there any particular reasons to choose one over the other?





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Thanks guys.


All of my previous mobos have been MSI, Abit, or ECS and never any probs with them. If there's no overwhelming reason to get an nForce 3 board, I won't worry about trying out the Biostar and stick with what I know... :)


Thanks again!

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Get a K8T800 based board, stay away from the nForce3 150 chipset.


I've never used Chaintech before, but have heard good things....ZipZoomFly has their new nForce3 250 based board for $77:




I'm going to be building an Athlon64 3000+ based system soon and will probably be going with a K8T800 based board.

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