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Microsoft studying appeal of Xbox-PC hybrid

Adam Tyner

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Excerpt from CNN:


The B/R/S Group, a California-based market research company that lists Microsoft and the Xbox division specifically as clients, has been gathering consumer feedback on a device it refers to as Xbox Next PC ? "a videogame console system with a hard drive and a built-in fully functional PC." Mention of the device came on one of several slides shown to focus groups.
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So, pay $299 for an Xbox game machine, or pay $999 for an Xbox PC that plays Xbox games. Interesting. Though I wouldn't put much weight in focus groups. Companies like Microsoft market test all types of ideas that don't pan out. Chances are this is one of may focus groups, including a 6 pound handheld Xbox.

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The article on /. says the pricepoint of the hybrid is more like $599.


An interesting idea, but some would say this is where the Xbox has been headed all along...


Would I buy one? Probably not, but I'm definitely onboard for the standalone version of Xbox Next.

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Considering all the nifty stuff I can do with a modded xbox 1, a modded hybrid Xbox 2 would be super. Forget the HTPC, for $600 I'll bet that baby can do everything for you but make popcorn (upconvert DVDs to 1080i, DVR live TV and upconvert to 1080i, media center, etc...) Will watch it with interest, but not holding my breath.

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The potential HTPC aspect could have me buying. I have no interest in doing word processing on my tv, or even surfing the net, but an HTPC for $600. :lol: The timing will be critical though, my cable company will eventually get me a twin receiver DVR/TIVO device, although that won't be for another 3-5 yrs. And the ability to upconvert standard def will hopefully become irrelevant sometime in the near future. :?


Don't forget the original ms concept was to build a set top box. Which was probably closer to the phantom concept then the xbox. :shock: I for one wouldn't have a problem with them going back to their roots, and providing some non-gaming features. 8)

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The original Xbox was rumored to have PC game play but they dropped the idea in favor of the traditional console profit strategy.

I don't know if the console would be a success but I do know that I would be very interested.

I also heard that Microsoft guys were hanging around the booth quite a bit at CES looking at the Apextreme console.

I would like to see Microsoft try something like Apextreme, but I'm not sure how this would affect the patent that DISCover has on a PC game console.

Currently DISCover is working with several manufacturers to put out a drop and play PC system.

The Apextreme is the low cost model with the Alienware being the higher end media center. The Apex will be out in September and the Alienware is supposed to come out next month.

So far the Apextreme is interesting and may make a good low-cost media center but the gaming hardware is questionable.

I don't know if Microsoft, or anyone, can bridge the gap between making a PC game console affordable and yet be able to play a majority of PC games well enough.

The interesting thing that DISC is doing is making the system 'feel' more like a console in that games automatically install and update themselves.

Some links on these systems are http://www.discoverconsole.com and http://www.apextreme.com & http://www.apexdigitalinc.com.

I'm an admin at DISC & the Apextreme forum.

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