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Apple users - Assistance needed


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Ok, here's the skinny.


I have a friend that just called me because his iMac died. He took it in to CompUSA and they charged him their flat rate labor and for a power supply($100 something, according to my friend). Well, the system still does not power on, and now he's been told that he needs a new logic board next (Another $550+, according to him).


My question is, should he go ahead with it? Not knowing anything about current generation Apple systems, my Apple knowledge ended about 7 years ago, I couldn't advise him as to if that was a good price for the replacement logic board or not.


He's had the system for a little over 2 years and so he's wondering if it's worth it for him to go ahead and repair the damaged system, or to just spend $1299 on a new one.


Any advice from the Apple users in the crowd would be greatly appreciated.





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First off, never ever take your Mac to CompUSA.....second off being that it didn't fix the problem I hope your friend got his money back.


what iMac model is it? CPU?


I'd tell your friend to get the part number and try eBay. There are also some places online that sell Apple parts.


I used to do repair work in college at a mom and pop Apple store, so ask away your questions.

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