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Planet Moon PSP Only

Romier S

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This report at Gamespot confirms that Planet Moon Studios (the folks behind the phenominal Giants: Citizen Kabuto and more recently the hilarious Armed and Dangerous) are no longer going to be developing for the Xbox, PS2 or the PC and will concentrate fully on PSP support.


Theres an excellent interview including comments on Armed and Dangerous' sales here:




Loeb knows a thing or two about those challenges. He says that while sales of Armed and Dangerous were "fine" on the Xbox, "the PC version died a very hard death since last Christmas. Generally, when you release a multi-platform game, one of your platforms is expected to be kind of the safety net, and PC was our safety net. So that was harsh."



As far as how that reality affects Planet Moon, Loeb said that it is "very possible for a small company like Planet Moon to spend two to three years working on one game that does acceptable business but isn?t a huge hit. The end result is that the company sees no profits, doesn?t expand, and starts the process all over again, hoping to hit the jackpot this time around. All small developers face this conundrum, and it?s one of the reasons why most developers have multiple teams. As a single-team developer, you spend two years on one 'at bat' and if you strike out, you have nothing to show corporately for two years of work."


I'm utterly, utterly depressed right now to see Planet Moon no longer bringing games to existing platforms. I'm even more frustrated to see good games continue to sit on store shelves. I look forward to seeing what they do on the PSP but it doesn't make the blow any easier to take. :(

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