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Battlefield 1942...who wants to play?


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Well, at Chris's suggestion, we should all try to get into a good game of Battlefield. I know of some good servers we could play on, so its just a matter of us hooking up. Since I'm assuming that many of us don't use teamspeak I would like to use a server with less than about 24 people, otherwise the chat lag is brutal and communicating isn't really possible.


The truth is the easiest way for us to get some good gaming in together is for you to go to http://www.wolfgaming.net and register. Its not a clan, just a cool community of other gamers. This way, if you already have a mic we could use the teamspeak that Wolf has installed for our pleasure :D


Go here http://www.teamspeak.org and download version There is a newer version released about Aug. 10th but Wolf isn't running it. Here's a handy walkthrough to setting up TS if need be


I don't want to make this sound like a Wolf endorsment but I would like to game with some of my fellow LCVG friends ... When I'm on the pc (which is a lot) I'm usually quite easy to get a hold of, either through Wolf, teamspeak or my MSN messenger (add me ipitythefoo@hotmail.com)


I would like to see if we can arrange something for the weekend, any suggestions for times/dates that one is available would be great! If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask!


See you all on the Battlefield!

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Count me in, if I can coordinate the schedule.


I've been trying to find a good group of people to play BF with. I've yet to play on a public server that wasn't full of TKers and idiots who have no concept of teamwork.


I have a mic, but it's a standalone setup. I've been waiting to find a good mic/headset combo (I've had my eye on the Plantronics DSP-500) before trying the voice com. I imagine it makes for a much more coordinated game.


I've been praticing my flight skills, mostly in Desert Combat (I'm loving the attack chopper) and Galactic Conquest. I'm pleased with my progress, especially with choppers.

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I'm free pretty much all weekend (as usual :wink: ) so if anyone wants to suggest a time that their available for we'll use that. Then we'll need to decide on a server, but I'm thinking that will have to wait until closer to game time for whether its full of players or not can always change.

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Originally posted by WarEagle@Sep 2 2003, 08:09 AM

How would it run on a P4 1.5 with 512mb RAM and a Geforce2 TI 64mb video card?

I imagine it would run just fine, so long as you have a broadband connection to go with it.


If there is a bottleneck it would be the graphics card, but as long as it can handle hardware T&L you should be fine.

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Originally posted by Joel Hurley@Sep 2 2003, 10:09 AM

WarEagle, your set up is similar to mine, except I'm only running a 1 gig p4, and mine runs it great. Can't wait to see what it looks like when I upgrade. :D


We should arrage another LVCG BF 1942 get together, I missed the first.

What settings are you using Joel? I played for about 2 minutes at lunch using 800x600x32 resolution with draw distance at 100% and texture at 80% at it seemed REALLY choppy.

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Has anyone picked up the new "Secret Weapons" expansion pack?


I can't see picking this up for the following reasons,


1. I picked up the last expansion (Road to Rome) and after the inital wow-release period was over I have found fewer and fewer reliable servers running the expansion


2. When they are running the expansion and rotating the maps they alomst never seem to be on an expansion map


3. The servers running the expansion and currently running an expansion map rarely seem to have players on them


I liked Road to Rome alot, but my experiences ahve have swayed me from purchasing another expansion. I am looking forward to the next Battlefield, it's looks Great! I just need to up-grade my PC to take full advantage of it and HL2. :green:

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Good playing Bf with you Blackcalx! I'm sure I'll see you again out there! Heh just picked up secret weapons yesterday and still have a few things to figure out (like giving buddy flak for basecamping in objective mode) but in a short while I'm sure I'll understand.


And I must say I was quite impressed with your score on the first game :D

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