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Live Summer of gaming begins this week...


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Hello all. Everyones addiction to City of Heroes has kept a lot of us away from Live for a few weeks. However it would be nice to do some other stuff. Its time to get some Group Play game nights going once again. Each week ill mix in a bunch of newer and older games to keep things fresh. So here is the schedule for the coming week


Wed night 9 PM EST

Crimson Skies Night

Time to try out the new DL Content. Should be a blast


and maybe even some Carve afterwards


Thursday Night 9 PM EST

Full Spectrum Warrior Night Release Party

Meet up in the live chat room at 9 PM and we will split off into groups of two for the online co-op around 9:15/20 to allow people time to arrive


Friday Night 8:30 PM EST

Ghost Recon: Island Thunder

Time to test out those new Maps


Followed by


Robot Monkeys Ding Friday night Rainbow six at 10 PM EST



Next Week(no set order yet, and tentative)

Midtown Madness 3

Steel Batt :Line of Contact

Splinter Cell:Pandora

Trivial Pursuit

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I'd like to play some Crimson Skies next week but I've never played it online. I'm on the last level in the single player game though I think...in Chicago with the twisters & stuff. (tough level - one of these days I hope to beat that ****er)


So, I hope to be there if there's room for a novice.

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