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What is your favorite "dream ride"?

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Ok so I'm bored and was looking through some of my favorite car pictures I have on my computer for desktop wallpaper and thought I'd start a thread asking what everyones favorite rides are. For me its all about styling, handling and performance. I am a big fan of Ferrari, Audi, Aston Martin, etc. They make some truely sexy looking cars. :) Some of my favorites are:


2003 Audi Le Mans Quattro Concept


2003 Abt AS8


2004 Aston Martin DB9


2003 Aston Martin AMV8 Vantage Concept


2002 Bugatti 16/4 Veyron


2003 Ferrari 360 Chellenge Stradale


2004 Ferrari 360 GTC


2002 Ferrari 575M Maranello


2001 Ferrari Hamann 360 Modena


and ladies and gentlemen I give you my ultimate luxury/sport hybrid.....


2003 Bentley Continental GT :drool:

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I would love to have a Dodge Ram 4X4 King Cab Pick Up truck. When I worked for a car rental agency, we would have to drive the rentals back and forth to different locations since all the cars were held at the Airport office and the suburban offices would tell us which ones they needed. The cab of the truck is high off the ground and none of the other girls in the office wanted to drive them. I loved it ! And when they are nicely equipped it is a very comfortable, smooth ride.


Someday I will own one. :tu:


As for cars, Toyota Supra. Black or maroon in color. Nifty little cars those Supra's.

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I agree that the Scaglietti is the nicest looking Ferrari in years, so yeah, that's on the dream list.


Elsewhere, I think the Noble M12 is great (even if they can't get their website to work in Firebird). The new 2004 Koenigsegg CCR is even more stunning than their previous model. And as a McLaren fan, I have to nominate their frankly insanely beautiful McLaren Mercedes SLR.

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The DB9. Having watched BBC presenter Jeremy Clarkson race his Top Gear co-presenters to Monte Carlo some weeks ago, I am astounded by the beast. A race doesn't sound all that interesting I grant you, but his co-presenters were getting there by travelling from the south of England via the Eurostar train..... Clarkson, from the south of England all the way in a DB9........and he beat them.


Marvellous vehicle. Plus, you know.... it's a car with my initials. :)



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The DB9 is so nice I'd rather have it than its Vanquish big brother, in fact. v.v.nice indeed.


Also, very much unlike Noble's beast, its comfortable to drive. Driving from the south of England to Monaco non-stop (apart from fuel stops and thumb twiddling on the seacat) didn't look like a bad thing to do, while only a nutcase with no sense of the perils of back pain would even consider it in an M12. That car is for 90 minute blasts on a track, not motorway driving.

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