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Phantom Dust

Romier S

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Everyone remember this bad boy?




Looks pretty damn hot doesn't it? Being headed up by one of the creative minds behind the original Panzer Dragoon and featuring Xbox Live multiplayer and some stunning visuals. Well keep on hoping for it because unfortunately it looks as though Microsoft Game Studios has decided to not publish the game on this side of the pond. :(


Here is the report:




Phantom Dust: "Microsoft Game Studios has decided to not publish Phantom Dust for North America. However, Phantom Dust is scheduled for release in Japan later this year. We have so far made no detailed announcement on the publishing date or the targeted markets. We plan to make an official announcement sometime after E3, and media will be provided with assets and information at that time."
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That is a bummer.


One consolation though is that MS decided not to bring it over, the Japanese developer didn't make that choice (or is this an in-house title?) Sometimes the Japanese companies have a skewed view of what Western gamers like/dislike, whereas MS probably has a little better compass. For all we know, maybe the machine-tentacle finishing moves in the game just didn't translate across the pond :twisted:


Ah well, so many darn great games coming out later this year I still need two of me to play them all (and three to finish half), so I guess it's not a massive loss.

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Just noticed that IGN has a rumor that will make fans of Phantom Dust happy:




Looking on the horizon, we've learned that while Microsoft is unlikely to pick up Phantom Dust, a small, California-based publisher which has for the last four or five years been a PlayStation backer may very well pick up this game for Xbox. I cannot say which publisher, but let's say it's a very small one that likes to obtain Japanese RPGs, spend an enormous amount of time localizing them, and then packages them with an abundance of goodies.


Maybe Atlas? But I know they also have a couple GBA and Xbox games out...


I still haven't gotten around to trying out the hidden Phantom Dust demo in the OXM demo disc. I need to do that.

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I have to say, huge props to both Working Designs and Atlus and their work over the years. They have done a fantastic job bringing over niche titles from Japan (and sometimes Europe) and making them accessible to the US market, and I'm sure they have been handsomely rewarded by hardcore gamers for doing so. I am always intrigued when either company puts something out.

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Looks like neither Working Designs or Atlas is bringing Phantom Dust here, after all.


Majesco will be releasing it, hopefully within the next couple of months:




"Phantom Dust is one of the great new titles we have scheduled to kick-off our 2005 product lineup," said Ken Gold, vice president of Marketing for Majesco. "Developed by Microsoft Games Studios Japan, Phantom Dust will take full advantage of Xbox Live by allowing players to obtain and trade more than 300 of the game's "skills" online, while giving them a deep and involved single-player game experience at the same time."
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Just got the new EGM yesterday and they had their review of the game already. The three reviews gave it an 8.5. 7.5, and an 8.0.


The Good: Huge variety of powers to collect, unique art direction

The Bad: Limited stages, underwhelming single-player adventure

Possibly: The only game soundtrack with composer Franz Liszt



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Only a short week and couple of days until Phantom Dust release (scheduled to ship on the 8th and will arrive in stores on the 9th). I hope a few LCVG'ers plan to pick this game up. I've spent a good deal of time with the Japanese single player and that alone has proven to be enjoyable but I'm really wanting to get some online 4 player rampaging happening!

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