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Doom 3 impressions by Gamespot..

Romier S

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Gamespot has a fairly good Doom 3 hands on article with some very impressive screenies. I'm at work right now so I cant upload any of them but will do so when possible (unless the Lord of the Server gets the chance first.) Heres the link to the article:




Some excerpts:


The shotgun seems like an extremely effective weapon that is decent at a distance and devastating up close. Since Doom 3 uses per-polygon hit detection, we didn't fare as well with the rocket launcher, though aiming at our opponents' feet, as Hollenshead advised, netted us a few frags. In fact, getting a solid hit on an enemy caused him to be launched in the air, and if he happened to die from the damage, his body would flop down across the ground using the game's rag-doll physics. Naturally, since we were playing the game against fellow members of the press, we were all stopping frequently to note different features of the game and look at the scenery, which included an infested hallway with a human torso hanging from the ceiling (shooting it actually caused it to sway back and forth using rag-doll physics), so not everyone was trying very hard to win.



The level we played took place in a futuristic starbase into which demonic influences had just begun to encroach--this influence was represented by a few specific areas of the otherwise sleek, high-tech base being covered by a pulsating, fleshy mass. We played a few sessions of four-player free-for-all deathmatch in this small level, whose layout seemed a bit reminiscent of a few of the smaller deathmatch maps in Quake III. The two-level map was set around a gigantic, churning reactor whose center had apparently been corrupted by demons, such that falling through it would churn you through a swirling red portal and teleport you to another part of the map.


The center of the portal also housed the "berserk" power-up item, which, just like in the original Doom, lets you completely obliterate your enemies with a single punch. Considering that many of Doom 3's levels will be more tightly knit (and offer less room to run away) than the larger levels of Doom II, berserk seems much more dangerous, which is apparently why it's also so obvious. Picking up the berserk item causes your character to briefly go insane--you still have complete control of your character, but your screen flashes red, like in the original Doom games, and your character screams at the top of his lungs (which is audible from a distance) and is surrounded with glowing red rings.



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They'll be the ones to make the great games.


Then the screens should do LOTS for you :wink: After all they show off what the engine can do nicely Chris.


ID has that bit of a reputation but I'm willing to give em a shot. Carmack and co. seem pretty well bent on making this a great single player experience. They just might pull it off and I'm ready to take it all in! (and if they don't we can at the very least thank that little programming, Ferrari owning genuis for a great engine like you said)

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