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Advanced Gaurdian Heroes on the way to GBA!


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Famitsu Weekly was able to confirm with Treasure that they are indeed working on a sequel to Gaurdian Heroes(Saturn). All that is really know right now is it will be a new game and not a remake of the original.


Just wanted to say thank you baby jesus for Treasure.

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I always wanted to try the original, but not for $100+ eBay prices.


Guardians was never that expensive when I took at Ebay a few weeks ago. You could find it pretty easily for around the $60-$65 dollar mark. I have the game at home and I can't overstate how much I love it. :tu:

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What did they do to the characters? It's like Guardian Heroes meets the Powerpuff Girls. At worst though, this gives just a little more hope that a sequel or semi sequel might come out on a console some day. Imagine Guardian Heroes with a more complex combat system, Guilty Gear XX looking visuals, and Xbox Live play.


R.I.P. Super Smash Bros. Melee

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