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Civilian Verison of FSW has Army Version On It!

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Apparently the military version of FSW on Civilian Disc.


Don't believe me? Checkout http://xbox.ign.com/articles/520/520908p1.html?fromint=1


June 03, 2004 - Full Spectrum Warrior has been out for a day now and already the cheats are a'coming. For one thing, we know that a version of the original Army game is included on the disc. However, no one's figured out how it's unlocked.


The army version is in the game.

First of this is the stuff you saw from the old trailers where the hud is different.

Im just going to go through and list examples.

The HUD is different. You can actually take control of a man its called the N.U.D.G.E system and you can pin point exactly where you want him to look. So basically you can individually make the team look in different directions while in position.

The enviroment seems to be a major factor. Wind, ETC.

The controls are vastly different.

The graphics are worse. As in lower framerate, and V-sync tearing all over. Like some of the old videos.

Im not sure about being able to go inside building totally means.

There are alot of under passes and i have seen areas with stairs. Though I feel the civilian version is better. The controls are more streamlined.

Also in the army version there are civilians running around. They will even get in your face and scream how much they hate america. You can toggle them on or off.

Also when you go into that nudge mode I was taliking about. You can move the guy totally away from the group with the analog stick.

Some other notes.

There are only 6 maps. They are huge. Seem alot more open ended then the Civilian version. You have no GPS. So there is no ingame map.

The game is way more customizable.

You can pick wind conditions the experience o your troops.



Ofcourse, you will have to do some research on some of the commands they use (not everyone knows what AA, SASO, SATCOM and LZ mean.)


So you may ask, what does the military version look like. Checkout http://sniperkilla.home.comcast.net/FSW/ ... Everything is customizable -- matt-image30.JPG



There are also two cheats available -- one to kick the realism up and the other is just big heads.


Cheats and information about them is in this next quote.

The first is the Authentic Difficulty. To unlock this, head to the Cheat Menu and enter "SWEDISHARMY". You'll need to create a new profile and select the Authentic difficulty. This leaves you with two frag grenades, two smoke grenades, one RPG and no icons over characters heads. Is that enemy suppressed? Run into the open and find out, because no icon will indicate this for you. Though stuff.


The second is the much-needed Big Head mode. To turn this on, go to the Cheat Menu and enter "NICKWEST". Now enter your game and everyone, your men and your opposition, will have giant heads. If you don't believe us, or if you just wanna see for yourself and don't have the game, check out a few


Hopefully this one is allowed as I took out all the stuff that isn't allowed (as it was in the other post.) :tu:

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Hopefully this one is allowed as I took out all the stuff that isn't allowed (as it was in the other post.) :tu:


Reposting information that was removed without the permission of a moderator or administrator is strictly prohibited here Crossfire and will not be tolerated. You contacted me on this issue and I was going to reopen the original thread and allow you to repost this information. There was no need to create a new topic on this.


With that I have no problems with this thread remaining open as the content is fine. In the future please be sure to follow forum guidelines as it pertains to this issue.


Thank you.

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I mean no harm, just want to keep the members update on some of the latest news


I know. Its all good and like I said I don't have any problem with the content of the post. I just wish you would have waited on my reply so there wouldn't be the need for two posts. I may have seemed a bit harsh in my original post and if i did I do apologize.


Thanks for the code by the way! :tu:

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Originally posted by Snakefish@Jun 3 2004, 05:20 PM

From what I understand, the code for the Full Army version is:




You may also need to set your Xbox clock to sometime pre-March 2004 (anything in 2003 works fine). I also haven't tried it yet so YMMV.

Nope, dont need to alter the date :D

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Well, this is what I learned from the "hardcore realism" version:

  • You don't have a handy GPS.
  • CAS never comes from Apaches -- they are grounded for maintenance.
  • CAS that comes from fixed-wing is either off target or too close for comfort. My suggestion is that if you want CAS, mark all four corners with smoke, call it in twice, pay a local to paint your target with a MULE and secure yourself in a hardened position a minimum of 100 klicks away.
  • After a day in the field, your men have to sport their weapons every six rounds.
  • On some missions your men will be in full MOPP gear, move at half the speed and each soldier will have a 50% chance of dropping from heat stroke because some colonel wanted to show a reporter how effective MOPP gear is.
  • Blue force tracking goes down.
  • Your SINGCARS radio loses contact in alleys. The rest of the time it sounds like the whole battalion is on there discussing things like who didn't return someone's MP3 player.

No one get upset, I was just joking. Now, has anyone really been playing the Army version? Does it provide replay value?



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Originally posted by Covak@Jun 8 2004, 01:19 PM

I'd still really recommend a rental. The army version is interesting, but it's not such a great game on its own. Goes to show you that the potential was there for something better, though :(

I feel the same one. Not much you can really do since all you do is tell your squads where to go and what to do. Not much replay value, but is really fun.

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