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So, Malice...anyone?

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Anyone actually going to pick this up, or...already have?


I honestly have zero interest and, with Thief 3, Riddick and FSW occupying my time, I really COULDN'T pick it up.


Still, I'm somewhat curious to hear how it turned out, seeing as how once upon a time it looked like it was going to be a "killer app".


If it did, in fact, release to the public, talk about no fan fare!!!!! Just slipped in completely off the radar.

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totalgames.net savaged it. Apparently, Gwen Stefani and No Doubt aren't even the voices anymore. I remember seeing an old ad for Malice as a PS2 game, but I thought it was supposed to be an Xbox launch title. Releasing a POS like this, though, makes me wonder why Psychonauts was dumped. Surely it couldn't be worse and they must have had as much invested in this.
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Releasing a POS like this, though, makes me wonder why Psychonauts was dumped.


Microsoft didn't release this. Malice was funded by Argonaut for the later part of its development after Sierra (I think) dropped it a while back. Malice has had quite a torturous development history. It came out at this point because the costs to finish it up weren't "that much" for a new publisher to come in & pay. They weren't footing the entire cost of development.

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Malice has had quite a tortuous development history.


Its equally torturous to play. I mean I literally felt a sharp pain in my stomach as I played this atrocity. I have to wonder what exact feelings the developers of Malice hoped to invoke in me, the player, as they had me eliminate a group of enemies called "Butt-Mushrooms". (they are literally ass-shaped mushrooms.) Perhaps its the feeling of excitement as I enter the mouth of a living tree, whos face coyly conveys some level of mental retardation, and proceed to fight a mushroom shitting boss whos droppings cause Malice to bounce away as though she was a human pinball.


Furthermore I do believe there was very serious intent here in causing physical damage to the human ear. I believe it to be true my friends as that is the only explanation for why my head felt as though a cotton swab had been jammed directly through one ear and out of the other the minute any one of these ridiculous characters opened thier mouths.


I could go on but alas the aforementioned shooting pain is returning even now as I type this post. Remember, the dog god is watching. (For those interested, "Dog God" is the name of the main villain in the game. "Of course it is!" you must be wondering because surely spelling dog backwards and thus creating a villain on that concept alone is hilarious in and of itself.........fucking shoot me now.).

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