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NCAA Football 2005 preview up at IGN


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The mini games and instant tournaments sound interesting, I wonder if you can do private instant tournaments?


Since I forgot to pick a team in my earlier post for any sort of league activity, I'll have to go with Probation Nation, I mean, the U of Washington Huskies.



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Guest Bryan
Originally posted by Dimness@Jul 6 2004, 12:47 AM

Just a few more days.....

It's still too many, though! I've played a season over the last few weeks in anticipation. How much fun will it be to meet up and play big games the night before/day of the big games this season?

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I've been an LSU fan all my life ... so don't judge me for picking a national champion.


If you want to even the playing field, maybe I could play as a lesser team, like Alabama (JAB!!! .. ooh that felt good).



Suffered too many years in the state of Alabama bearing the Tide fans

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Guest Bryan

Funny you mention leveling the playing field. I read today that there is an online option to even the skill level of both teams in a game. That just leaves player skill as the determining factor in the outcome. Pretty cool option!

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Well then Kujeaux,


Since I'm an Aggie, this may be the only way we get to renew the once great rivalry.


Man I can't wait to play this game.


I had the hardest time cutting 15 people to make the 55 man rosters in my Dynasty. That may be the best thing about the new game for me next to LIVE play.


Also, count me in to whatever Tourney type play ya'll want to set up here.

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