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My new job........

Rob B

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As some of you know I have been job hunting for a while due to recent fustraions inculding get on avarge 20 hours a week, at target.


I have obtained a job at Fastenal, which is an "industral" hardware store.

They supply nuts and bolts tools and stuff like that to "industy" like business


I am starting off in the back checking in orders and getting orders ready for delivery.


After delivers are ready I deliver them to places like 3M and other "industry" types of bussines.......................the thing that sucks about that is (I have to drive a 2004 1500 Dodge Ram pick up :thud:


After I get the product knowladge from doing this I move into sales which is what I went to school for.



Oh yea after working reatail for the last ten years or so of my young life the thing I hate the most about this is the fact that it is still retail but the hours of operation are mon-fri 7 am - 5 pm. So I don't get to work on weekends or in the eveings any more :devil:

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