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Psi Ops

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Looking forward to it. Feels a bit like Killswitch (engine, controls). I'm also interested in a very similar game (psi powers, 3rd person shooter but the title escapes me at the moment) being done by the Timesplitters guys.

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I'll be getting in on release. Really had a blast playing the demo so it was an easy decision to pick this up.


On a side note I wanted to give a word of support and a general thumbs up for Midway as the recently released 'The Suffering", thier previously released Arcade Treasures (and its upcoming sequel) along with what looks to be a quality release in Psi-Ops shows me at least, that they are trying to get some good games out there and shed the piss poor reputation they have built over the last few years.


We gamers are quick to level harsh criticism at developers/publishers that don't even show a hint of trying to release a quality game and I felt Midway finally deserves some recognition for at least attempting to turn things around. (apparently on the verge of being bought out no less!)

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Yeah, I wish.


Sorry man, I try to be a good mod, I really do :green:


I agree with your assessment of Midway though, Romier, they've really started to pull together in the last little bit. A lot like Activision did back in the early 90's (though it's debatable if they kept that momentum). I still wish The Suffering had hit the Cube, but I understand why it didn't.


I like the concept behind Psi-Ops, and I have to say that they've impressed me by apparently making more of the concept than I would have expected them to. But again, as you say, Midway seems to really be trying to drag their name up from the depths.


I can only dream Acclaim will one day do the same ;).

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Originally posted by FutureVoid@Jun 14 2004, 05:07 PM

He hasn't been wrong yet.


Yeah, I wish. Thanks for the vote of confidence nonetheless. ;)

Every time you have said a game is really good it's always a winner going back a long time to posts on the Home Theater Forum.

So far, to quote a line from 'My Cousin Vinny' you have been 'Dead on Balls accurate'. :D

I don't know how you have time to play all these games and get an accurate read on them but keep up the good work.


Now, back to Psi Ops. IGN has a review up, they are giving it 8.5 which I guess is pretty good. Not that I hold much stock in their reviews.

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One word: Fun.


Reminds me of games I've played before, but somehow the combination of the elements is done in a fresh way.


The Remote Viewing and stealth elements remind me of The Mark of Kri, the telekenesis and mind control powers remind me of Jedi Knight 1&2.


Of course, your mileage may vary, but I'm having lots of fun with it.

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I picked it up for the Xbox today. I'm not that far into it but it's definatley a mixed bag. The graphics are definately not anything close to impressive. They wouldn't turn any heads in a PS2 launch title, much less an Xbox game. Shimmering and jaggies are very apparent, textures and lighting are unimpressive. The geometry in characters and environments is lacking, and some of the main character's animations look ridiculous. The framerate is generally smooth, staying between 30 and 60 with some slowdown when particle effects from psi powers fill the screen. The overall style so far is very drab, dark, and murky, which causes depth perception problems when you try to fling something into a distant enemy.


The controls are slick and everything handles well. They're what you'd expect from a third person shooter, and you also have the ability to lock on to an enemy. The 3-D movement of objects you pick up is handled pretty well. The right analog stick controls the direction and the level of pressure on the L trigger controls height(clever).


The physics seem geared towards gameplay more than realism. Everything is exaggerated, and objects don't seem to have much weight. A man sized metal crate will move if you kick it. The enemies have decent rag doll physics. Much amusement abounded when I managed to get an enemy's arm stuck between some rails. The arm kept the corpse anchored while I flung it around. Sadly, the arm eventually phased through the rail, ending the fun. You can't do as much with a live enemy. I tried to drop one onto a metal rail far below, hoping for a broken back, broken neck, or better yet, a nut-shot. Unfortunately he landed standing upright on a very thin rail. I can only hope there's an unlockable code for infinite psi power so the chaos isn't subject to the constraint of a silly meter. It may have been a good idea to have the meter regenerate over time, which it doesn't. As it is, I feel a bit rationed and not free to experiment enough.


So far it's a neat concept, well executed, but with some bad technical limitations. This game would have been killer with richer evironments, physics, and lighting such as is found in Thief 3 and Deus Ex 2. If a few flaws don't bother you, I think there's a lot of fun to be had here.

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Big Daddy,

You've got some really high standards if you don't think the graphics are good. I'm playing on a 61" widescreen HDTV at about 10 feet from the screen, and I'm really impressed at the graphics - though I agree that the animations are glitchy in spots. I've not noticed any slowdown, either, but I may be too engrossed in gameplay to pay attention. I don't disagree that the lighting and textures aren't the best on the 'Box, but to say that they're not "close to impressive" sounds a little harsh.


I'm glad I bought it, but I could see recommending a rental, especially if one has Gamefly or one of those Blockbuster cards where you can keep the game for a while, unless you've got tons of time to plow through the game in a day or two.


I'll go back to my initial assessment: FUN.

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Slowdown occurs pretty frequently when you try to levitate something close to the camera. I mainly noticed it when I was picking on the main character by dropping steel crates on his head. It has no effect on gameplay, I was just using it as an example of the lack of optimization in the game engine.


As far as standards go, I don't expect every game to look like Riddick, but I do like games to be relatively competitive with other recent releases. Lately I've bought Riddick, Rallisport 2, Splinter Cell PT, Full Spectrum Warrior, Soul Calibur 2, Ninja Gaiden, and Thief 3, all of which I think are very nice looking. Out of the 60ish Xbox games I own, Psi Ops falls in the bottom 10-15% visually (granted, it's a skewed sample since I have a lot of the top games and only a couple crappy ones). In my opinion, Psi Ops looks more like The Thing than anything else, except The Thing had cleaner graphics and a slightly lower framerate. Even over a year ago when The Thing came out, it was a mediocre looking game.


That said, I'd still give this game a recommendation. I've read of some people finishing it in 5-7 hours, but there seems to be so much replay that you'll come back time and time again just to play around. It seems a bit like GTA in that respect.


p.s. Chris, I'm not discounting your opinion, just providing the reasoning behind mine so as not to mindlessly criticize the game.

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I completely disagree about the graphics. I think they are fantastic. The framerate may drop a bit under certain circumstances, it doesn't detract & isn't as severe as the slowdown in Thief. Also, it doesn't suffer from the blurryness that pops up frequently in Riddick & occasionally in Thief. Great textures, great lighting, and great presentation. I don't see the similarity to The Thing at all. The Thing doesn't even have 480p display.


I'm having a great time with all of the abilities. Telekinesis is implemented waaay too fun in this game. I noticed that my first instinct is not to shoot at a guard, but to tk him and slam him into a wall. :)

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The framerate is generally smooth, staying between 30 and 60 with some slowdown when particle effects from psi powers fill the screen.

I'm curious as to how you know the framerate is in this range. Are you using some type of device to measure this, or can your eyes measure fps?

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