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Ever had this happen to you?

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So this Saturday, I went to a BBQ at a friend's house who just happens to live a few blocks away from a large, new Fry's Electronics. I'd been looking for an new cheap video card that would allow me to play Final Fantasy XI on my computer so we went there to take a look. I found a cheap GeForce 4 FX5200 with DVI/VGA/S-video output for $60 and bought a copy of FFXI for the PC. When I finally got home around midnight, I was all excited to install the video card and test it out. I opened the box and discovered that there was NO VIDEO CARD! :shock:


I went to sleep that night pissed off. :bang:


The next morning, I went to my local Fry's Electronics and they told me I had to take it back to the store I bought it from since it was missing parts. So I drove another 30 miles back to the other Fry's and of course, there's already a 20-person-long customer service line. Shockingly, I received very little hassle in returning it (I thought they were going to give me a polygraph test or something) and now have the new video card installed and running FFXI (I plan on getting City of Heroes too in the near future). I also found out my original box was missing the DVI-to-VGA adapter (I would have been royally pissed if I had to drive back to pick that up as I don't have a DVI monitor).


So has anyone else bought a computer product and discovered it wasn't in the box? This is the first time that's ever happened to me. I've bought stuff where it was missing some small piece (e.g. a cable) but never the main item. Maybe I should have been tipped off by the brand (Albatron?)...

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I have bought software that was open.


It was Neverwinter Nights Gold. I opened it up and the seal on the installation CDs was opened. I guess some douchebag bought, burned and returned it. I looked at the package a little closer...it was opened on the bottom and taped back together. You could hardly tell.


Needless to say, I pay a little more attention to the packages these days..



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Here is my similar story. I was at Circuit City tonight and noticed someone had shoplifted a Kirby's Air Ride disk from the case. I'm always hesitant to point this out as I have an irrational fear that I'll be suspected, so I hope whomever buys that game checks out the case first. (On that note, why does Nintendo package their games without a security sticker anyway?)
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I ordered a gameboy advance game from Best Buy online. Stores didn't have it in stock. When I got it the shrinkwrap was slit and the cart was gone. Tried to just return it to Best Buy but they wouldn't take it cause there wasn't one in stock at the store so I had to return it online. Big pain in the butt.

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I bought a video to firewire converter once and the box had the video to USB one in it (which was considerably cheaper...


I took it back and got another one and they opened it there - same thing was inside. So at least they knew it wasn't me :)


It always stresses me out to no end when that kinda stuff happens tho.

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