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LCVG 2004 Fantasy Football League


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UPDATED: 9/1/2004


Here are the teams for the LCVG 2K5 Fantasy Football League:


1: The FacePasters - Calvin/Nightwing

2: Muffin's Maraduers - Leslie/Chatakinns

3: Capt's SkyRaiders - Joey/CaptDS9e

4: Pentaburate - Wally/Dolemite

5: Whooligans - Joel/Whooter

6: El Paso Benchwarmers - Gary/JoBoo

7: Lupin's Loons - Andrew/Lupin Lives

8: Lewisville Claymores/ Brian/dogbert

9: Carpetmunchers - Bruce/MooseKnuckleman

10:Keister Kickers - Erik/Kujeaux

11:Keller Wolfpack - Todd/Cane Corso

12: Gridiron Gorillas - Brian/LeBugg

13:Madtown Bombers - Glen/gwinihi

14:Razors - Henry/The Game

15: Da GMen - MLivaudais

16: dubbs flubbs - Mark D/reeldeel


Everyone please take note...








What the title topic says. I had an awful lot of fun doing this last year & I hope that we will do something this year.

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Well,last year we did a live draft,which for the most part worked fine. I don't want to do autopick if we can help it. Guys,let me know what you would rather prefer to do. And it you want a live draft - mornings,afternoon,or evening...

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