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ESPN NFL2K5 League


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UPDATE 9/10/04



If both owners fail to schedule a match in a timely fashion, the commish of the league will simulate the game to determine a winner. The game will be setup exactly as it's played in the league, with the correct home and away teams. The owners who's team wins will be awarded the win. Please note this is different from the no show rule below. This is if both owners fail to schedule in a timely manner.


If one particular owner has a number of simulated games (to be determined later), they will be dropped from the league.


If one owner fails to schedule, the other will ge tthe win.




If your opponent doesn't show within 30 minutes from the agreed up time, you will get the win. However, it is up to you if you want to give your opponent a second chance.


If the opponent doesn't show a second time, you get the win.


3 no shows and you are out of the league.







New Info:

Everyone should have recieved a PM with league name and info. Please contact myself for NFC or Calvin for AFC if you have not recieved this PM. The settings are as follows:

- 16 week season, max. of 6 days between games.

- 8 teams per league in playoffs

- All-Pro, 5 min. qtr.

- Injuries, challenges, & trades ON

- Performance EQ & Random Weather OFF




We will be doing a draft for team selection. If possible, we'll try to follow the NFL schedule, so if you get a crappy team, you'll have an easier schedule. If this isn't the case, we'll make divisions so crap teams play crap, good play good. I want to even the playing field as much as possible without giving anyone a huge advantage or disadvantage.



The draft will be done using MS Excel. All participant names will be listed in order as they are below. A few columns over I will create a random number list from 0-100. I will copy those values to the column next to the names, then sort the names based on the values from the random number list. This will be the order of the draft. If anyone would like to see the spread sheet afterwards, PM me and I can send it. Kepp in mind each time something new is done to the sheet, the random number changes. This is why I copy the values only the first time it is done.



No time limit, just list your pick in this thread after the person before you. Let's do this in a timely fashion please! I'll reserve the right to skip people that take too long and move them to the bottom. To give everyone an idea of the time, I'd like to wrap this up by Friday, if not sooner.


The Draft Order - LCVG NFC


1. Brian Lawrence - Atlanta Falcons

2. Cane Corso - Oakland Raiders

3. Ballmeat - Philadelphia Eagles

4. Ruffneck - New England Patriots

5. kfredericks - Indianapolis Colts

6. Bruce B - Miami Dolphins

7. Thrillho - Kansas City Chiefs

8. Jtello - Seattle Seahawks

9. ScarFace7 - Green Bay Packers

10. Carlucci - Houston Texans

11. CaptDS9E - New York Giants

12. LupinLives - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

13. Merlot - Baltimore Ravens

14. joshiajay - Washington Redskins

15. Ricky Hustle - Carolina Panthers

16. RingWraith - Minnesota Vikings




The Draft Order - LCVG AFC


1. Nightwing - New England Patriots

2. shine5555 - Carolina Panthers

3. Orpheus - Green Bay Packers

4. xPieter - Philadelphia Eagles

5. Gary P - Tennessee Titans

6. gwhinw - Indianapolis Colts

7. Darius - Miami Dolphins

8. the_catalog - Kansas City Chiefs

9. LimeyYankee - Oakland Raiders

10. Hitide - Dallas Cowboys

11. Parrish - Seattle Seahawks

12. howiedo1n - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

13. Mr PINK - Atlanta Falcons

14. matt - Minnesota Vikings

15. jason - Baltimore Ravens

16. Union Carbine - New York Jets




Format: LCVG username - LIVE tag


1. Merlot - Merlot

2. RingWraith - RingWraith

3. gwhinw - Bat Bat

4. Nightwing - Nightw1ng

5. Gary P - JoBoo

6. Ricky Hustle - Hustle

7. Orpheus - Orpheus

8. kfredericks - kfredericks

9. Bruce B - Mooseknuckleman (great name)

10. CaptDS9E - CaptDS9E

11. howiedo1n - howiedo1n

12. Cane Corso - Cane Corso

13. Jtello - Jtello

14. Ajay - Footsteps

15. Darius - Darius

16. Cyberwoo - Cyberwoo

17. Brian Lawrence - LeBugg

18. LupinLives - Lupin Lives

19. ScarFace7 - scrface7

20. xPieter - xPieter

21. Carlucci - Carlucci

22. Htide - Htide

23. Ruffneck - Ruffneck

24. Ballmeat - Ballmeat

25. the_catalog - theCatalog

26. shine5555 - shine5555

27. LimeyYankee - LimeyYankee

28. matt - mrpig13

29. Thrillho - thri11h0 (note the 1's in place of L's, and ZERO in place of o)

30. Union Carbine - union carbine

31. Parrish - Parrish

32. Mr PINK - Mr Plnk (i=l)

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Has anyone read my first post? I plan to either have a team draft, or let everyone use whatever team they wish, even if someone else is using them. I have to see what is possible with the XSN interface. But go ahead a call your teams, it doesn't matter that this point. ;)

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I am dying to be part of this league. Besides Halo 2, there is no game I am more excited about. I am NOT a big sports fan, but I love this game, so I am not tied to any one team. Of course, being from MASS, it would be shameful if I didn't pick the patriots now wouldn't it. Yes, that means I called it JTello!

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I don't think ESPN is using the XSN interface (Thank God), I believe they are using their own. I could be wrong about this though. Also, with the online leagues, I am assuming that a team can only be used by one person since their can actually be trades and signing of free agents.


Oh, and Keith, you are a day late and a dollar short on the Pats, Calvin (Nightwing)mentioned the Pats several posts up. ;)



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If all you're going to do is bag on the my beloved dolphins then I'll have to take them ;) . I want to know more about the layout and how the games will be handled and so on before I comit. I don't want to leave the league halfway through or anything. I'd be ok with the seahawks also. Anyhow put me down as a maybe depending on details.

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