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Just out of curiosity...


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One of the few possessions I own that I think might actually be rare and/or valuable is a promotional cardboard standee of Cloud from Final Fantasy VII. A friend of mine who worked at Software, Etc. when the game first came out for PSOne took it home when the store was done displaying it, and he then passed it on to me. I've never seen one on eBay, so I don't really have any idea what it might be worth.


Given the enduring popularity of FFVII (it recently won GameFaqs.com's "Best. Game. Ever!" tournament) and the character of Cloud, I'm just curious about whether it might have some value to a collector. It's got value to me - that's why I'm not selling it. But I was just wondering if anyone had any idea what it might be worth.


It looks pretty much like the one on this page (scroll down to "...Video Game promo stuff"), but it's for the PSOne version of the game and it doesn't have the background layer. It's in decent condition - some of Cloud's hair is dented, and the handle of his sword was torn off (I still have the piece), but otherwise it looks good. No fading. Any ideas?

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Really no barometer for this stuff Eric. I've seen some Ebay auctions for these go up in the mild 40-50 dollar area but thats about it. If you were looking into selling it Ebay would be your best option to gauge a price. Perhaps place a reserve etc..

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