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Who's still playing Counter-Strike?

Mark E

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I'm not, but I can be. ;)


A lot of us I'm sure have been fans of CS at some point (except the admins, weirdos :P) but we all know the CS experience has been crushed beneath the yoke of cheaters and hack pricks for quite some time now.


Well, guess what, we have 122 members here and counting, we can give a big hearty FU to the CS cheaters and play ourselves. Just trying to gauge the interest and whether anybody knows of a good server to play on.


You'll find I'm big on the old school gaming because my computer is a POS :P. I'm pretty free in the evenings so let's see if anybody's interested.

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I was actually just thinking this yesterday as I saw my old half-life cd.

i never actually got into playing half-life because my friends always wanted to play unreal tournament.

Unfortunately i'm moving in a couple weeks and i'm not sure if i'll have internet access at my next residence. As well since i'm moving i'll be pretty busy but i can probably get a game or two in if others are interested

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I could be under the aforementioned circumstances. I never tried it due to the rampant cheating.


I'm on record as saying that I'm relatively new to FPS games, so don't expect any miracles from me. I have been honing my BF1942 skills of late, though, so I might at least add to a team.

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I haven't played CS in a LONG time and its all because of the cheating. I also can't stand the people who don't have cheats installed but take advantage of little known glitches in maps or the system. I don't mind getting killed, I hate cheap kills.


My neighborhood is supposed to get 10 and 100mbit internet connections soon, if we ever do I'll be able to put up a game server but until then I'm at the mercy of the public servers. So if any of you use a server or the bandwidth to put one up I'm game to play and I know some others that would be too.

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blackcalx, I wouldn't sweat it, we all had to start somewhere. CS can be a little unforgiving at first when you're getting used to it, but it's not bad at all. Half-Life was the first FPS I ever really got into and I took to it pretty quickly.


Mike, don't start me on map hacks either, argh. They're awful. If we can get the people together this'll rock though. I used to take part in the pick-up games they held on CSNation long, long ago where we had captains who picked back and forth to make a team and then played a map.


Nice thing about throwing together about this is two-fold, besides the non-cheaters. One, we aren't going to just have to play de_dust non-stop :P. Two, we might even be able to play assassination missions. When played properly those escape missions are a blast.

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I'm all for a server that has map rotation among all the maps. And lets the map play to completion instead of constantly calling map votes and changing every 10 minutes.


I also like it when they have awp restrictions so not everyone on one side has one.


Oh and an admin that doesn't go around slapping or striking down a sniper who is camping in a spot or not playing how they want them to play.


I kinda like oilrig sometimes. Can be a blast as the T and getting that spawn location that is near the CT spawn. Good fun.

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striking down a sniper who is camping in a spot or not playing how they want them to play.


Ugh, lord did that ever drive me insane.


It's called 'tactics' people, look 'em up. If I'm defending a bomb site I'm not going to run away from it trying to shoot people down. :roll:


I agree that map voting is also a pain in the ass, people spend more time voting than playing.

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DOD is much more fun IMO.


Mike already spoke his piece, but feel free to give me a good shortform of why you like it so much? Seriously, I'm just curious. Once I beat Thief II I'm doing a massive hard drive clean-out so HL can go back on and I'm not at all adverse to a couple of mods in rotation.


Just like to know more from people who've played it.


Is there a particularly good place to download Counterstrike?


http://www.counter-strike.net has you covered. It looks like 1.5 is the latest version, although apparently if you're part of Valve's Steam dojiggy you can access CS 1.6. Anybody have thoughts on what version we should aim towards?

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1.5 is probably best until 1.6 is officially released.


Mike already spoke his piece, but feel free to give me a good shortform of why you like it so much? Seriously, I'm just curious.


First off, I haven't played it in a LONG time. There have been 2 major version releases since I last tried it out, but here goes


The team aspect in it is quite tight. You can try and be a commando if you really want, but it probably won't get you anywhere.


It's implementation of capture and control the points on the map is probably the best that I've seen. You need 2 people to capture a [stationary] flag and then hold them there for a short period. Because of this, and because of the way the maps are built, the games can easily turn into a game of pushing forward, and defending the current captured point instead of having to keep and eye on the entire map (how annoying is it when your whole team is working together to push forward and one person sneaks through and steals some of your flags further back).


The classes are well balanced, and being a sniper in this game, trying to find a place to hide, sneaking around prone, and nail someone in the head is more fun than in any other game with a sniper rifle that I've played.


The map design, with it's WW2 themes is esquisite for a HL engine game. Not only do they look great, but while each map has main path for getting around the fairly linear design, there are usually a number of alternate paths for getting around and sneaking in back.


You die a LOT in the game, especially when you're new, and sometimes it can feel like you're running around more than anything, but when you get into those battles, and are working as a team, it's fantastic.


If you've played RTCW on PC or XBox, you should have a pretty good idea what DOD is like as they copied many of their ideas quite well. From what I've played though, DOD still did it better.


Now I really have to try out the latest version to see if everything I said still holds true :)


Natural Selection is also another great HL mod.

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Natural Selection is also another great HL mod.


Heard that, but it got released after my time with HL mods was waning due to the CS cheat crap.


Sven Co-Op is fun when you have a small crew together. I'm dying to see their They Hunger Co-Op.


Oh, and I'll download DoD when I make my ingress to get CS back on here, it does sound mue bueno.

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I am in such a nasty DoD funk right now. I just can't seem to get going. Its been like this all week long and I'm getting extremely frustrated with it. I'll probably not play for a week or 2 and let myself cool down :)


DoD does have its problems when people just don't want to team play. If you are at a flag trying to capture and you need a 2nd person, people will just stand around hiding instead of making that jump out to the flag. A lot of times people camp right outside a spawn area and just mow people down as they respawn. Even if the spot has no strategic benefit except to increase their own stats. There are also some weapon glitches that people take advantage of like snap shooting with some of the bolt action rifles that would be a totally impossible shot if done in real life with a rifle. I'm sorry there is no way a soldier running around buildings is going to be able to do a full run and still peg someone down the street perfectly for a kill with 1 shot.


I think people script their controls in these games way too much by altering their bindings. I think that is the biggest mistake these HL and Id engine games have in them. For example, the user should not be able to script a jump, fire, and instant switch weapons all in one keystroke. I don't modify my bindings or script anything to give me any control advantage and I still manage to hold my own sometimes but I hate dieing to someone who is obviously abusing the system to give themselves and unfair advantage. They aren't cheating but I consider it very cheap.


They are fun games but I guess I'm wanting even more realism as far as weapon control and hit detection goes.

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I used to play CS all the time. Then it became too frustrating with the rampant cheating. One day I came across a server that ran CD (Cheating Death) which helped deter hackers. Eventually the server removed it because of complaints and it hasn't been the same since.


Anyway, count me in for some CS action.

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I would totally play if we could have a private server with only peeps here in the game. Haven't played it for over a year due to the cheating, but it was a totally fun game. Heck, I don't even know version I have on the PC anymore.


Keep us informed, maybe in a weekend or two we could muster something together?

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Alrighty, now we just have to find a server. We have almost, what, eight people? ;). Well, it's enough for 4-4 action. I just reinstalled CS this morning and booting it up was like pumping in a fresh needle of heroin (so I'm told :P). I pried myself away before heading to work, but I could have sat there for hours playing that game again. Man I've missed it.


Anyway, I should be getting a CD burner this weekend courtesy of my GF and once I have my mp3s burnt I'll have space for DoD and any other mod people wanna play. I'm definitely up for CS and DoD. Now we just have to figure out when we can all play ;). I'm pretty free every evening for the next week though.


My CS nick so ya'll know is [DAL]Pharmboy, but it's a one-man clan :P.

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If you're doing weekend play (same old time-difference problem once more) I'm up for this, definitely. While I'm iainl here and on XBox Live, you'll find me on the other games with the stunningly original title of


a reasonable man


It started with the whole Radiohead thing, but the moment I first saw the likes of "1D10T L33T60Y was shot by a reasonable man" as kill messages I knew I could never change it...

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I am known as Chest_Rockwell in CS.


Given the negative feedback I hear you're racking up on Live, Dean, that name doesn't surprise me ;).


So far we've best-case scenario got:



blackcalx (maybe?)

DrunkOM (maybe?)

iainl (barring wacky British time zones :P)







Not bad, five on five if we all made it, or four on four at worst (hopefully hopefully). Of course, that's the easy part, now we have to figure out when we can all play and where. My trigger figure is itchy to shoot some of you I have had the pleasure of talking to ;).

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Speaking of talking to people, should I either be forking out for a mike or somehow getting my XBox headset to work with the PC (its only a different connector, after all)? Or do most people just use the keyboard still? I know I'm usually the only one without the voice comms icon by my name most of the time, but I wouldn't be in the least surprised if thats just because people don't bother turning it off. My current mike (the one on my Lego camera) is far too wussy for CS playing.

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