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When do you want Next-Gen Consoles?

When do you hope Next-Gen Consoles will be released?  

  1. 1. When do you hope Next-Gen Consoles will be released?

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I love change, and can't get enough of new technology. But I really hope that new consoles are not released next year. I remember being tired of the N64's graphics and wanting a Dreamcast, but I am not at that point with Gamecube and Xbox. Xblive is just getting interesting. Sequels to my favorite games are only coming out now (Zelda, Metroid, Halo). Give me another year please before I have to spend $299 on another console.


As far as i am concerned, the longer the better....the greater the advancement in technology. One year meant the difference between PS2 and Xbox technology.

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Late 2006 would be nice. There is still a lot of stuff to be done in this generation of consoles.


I expecially want to see Microsoft take there time, get xbox live right during this generation and then launch xbox 2 with everything already set up , so new xbox owners can hop right in without the growing pains we all had on the service.



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I'm still impressed with what this generation of consoles can do, and the PC has yet to really surpass them in any substantial form yet. With the last generation I could barely stand to look at a PSX and N64 game after the games taking advantage of the 3D PC cards came out (IE Quake 2), as well as being full on addicted to playing online.

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My launch xbox is tired and ready for some rest, bring it on. :D


I'm still pleasantly suprised by the new games, and I'm not one to count how many pixels create that flower on the tarmac, but an XBOX with potentially 10x the processing power. :shock:

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