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When it rains it poors.....

Rob B

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Not only our daughters kemo to deal with, now my wife has to have her gal balder removed.



we just found out because she was having syptoms of an uncler and she went in and found out after a some tests that it needs to come out and also her kidneys looked odd....

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Verry sorry to hear :(


Interesting that you posted about this - I've been feeling the same way about things here lately. I have an uncle (quadruple bypass operation complicated by a stroke) and grandfather (kidney/cancer) in the hospital right now... my Mom just had a procedure done to remove a polyp for biopsy... my girlfriend's father spent nearly 6 hours in surgery yesterday to have his thyroid removed (cancer)...


And on top of all that, nearly half of my fantasy baseball team is now on the DL. As you say, when it rains, it pours.

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