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I wasn't paying enough attention when reading what Tycho said about Bontago over at Penny Arcade today. Saw something about german board games and thought "Yay!" and clicked the link...


What an incredibly cool real-time strategy game! My initial impression was "Umm, neat, I guess..." Drop your blocks and race for the middle, ok. But then I set it for 3 flags, with 2 AIs, and wow, it suddenly becomes a fairly intense battle field with your building strategy being far more important (needs to withstand all the bad things that can happen to it).


If anyone else likes it, I'd love to get some games going.


I had to download it from here (at download.com) as the official download links did nothing for me.


Tip: In sandbox mode you can throw regular blocks (in regular games you can only throw special items), which is great for practice. You move the current thing to give it momentum and then click the left mouse button to throw it (and it has to be within your field of influence when you click).

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We've got a thread on this game here somewhere, though it's likely buried. I've enjoyed the little bit I've played against the computer, but until UT2K4 and to a larger extent City of Heroes we've never been able to get any kind of online thing going on the good old computer.

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Yeah, that looks familiar.


Two strikes against it are:


1. I don't have the system requirements.


2. Space-time will collapse if Shawn and I play a game together online :P.


That said, I'll download this and see if my comp will handle it in some reasonable fashion, but my hopes are low ;).

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I managed to get a buddy to try it out today and we played some quick 1v1 games. Definitely a very cool little game, though we got rid of a lot of the specials to make it far less chaotic. Seems like a 3 or 4 player free for all or a 2v2 game would be pretty sweet...


Seems to run way better online than against some AIs, too =)

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