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gamertag question

cane corso

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I checked the FAQ, did a search, and even searched Microsoft's site. I promise!


Are they case sensitive? Mine is "cane corso," my sig has "Cane Corso." Does it matter? Seeing some of the others, I am thinking it does matter. However, it seems silly to have "cane corso," "Cane Corso," CaNe CoRsO," etc........ and they all represent different people.


Thanks. BTW, I am from the other side (rarely posted). I was a little down when I was reading the other thread. Then I see a link to this forum. Outstanding! I am glad to be here.

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MrJames is right... I thought they were case sensitive for some reason too, and when I entered the first round of friends from the HTF Gamertag compilation, I painstakingly hit the Shift or CAPS button as needed to enter each name as shown.


Then a week ago I went and added the rest and tried it all lower-case, voila! each name appeared with capital letters wherever the person had initially put them. Needless to say, that round of entering gamertags went much faster...

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Anyway to change it so that clicking on the link sig will open in a new window versus using the current window? That is' date=' if everyone else prefers that behavior.



use firefox with a 3 button mouse, center button clicks open it up in a new tab. tada!

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