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Tontie - A Flash game


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I've just spent the last half hour playing this game.


The premise is simple. Objects pop up in a nine-square grid and you hit the corresponding number on the number pad to hit them with a hammer, ala Whack-A-Mole.


The first few levels introduce objects that must be hit more than once, objects that must not be hit, objects that must only be hit at certain times, and objects that appear in one square but require you to strike another specified square.


There's also a little shop that shows up once in awhile that allows you to upgrade your hammer (faster, tougher, more powerful), regain health (which you lose for hitting forbidden objects or missing) and buy more heart containers.


By the time you hit level 8 the game becomes pure insanity but it's still a blast.


Oh, and here's the link:



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