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This is a great site guys! Thanks for all of your time and effort in putting this together. I can't wait to see the full-site when it's ready.


I didn't see these suggestions anywhere else, so forgive me if they are a repost.


- I would like to see a reply box at the bottom of each thread page, if the bb software supports it.


- I think you should have a forum jump link at the top (not just the bottom) of each page.


- After posting, I'd like to go directly to my post, as opposed to the intermediate screen that comes up for a second or two.


My $.02...

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I love the site, even without implementing my suggestions... but since you have a Site Feedback forum, I figured I might as well utilize it! :)


...and uh, no thanks on Mozilla... I didn't like it the last two times I've tried it, most recently a month ago. Surprisingly enough, I am very happy with Internet Explorer. Go figure!

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