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WD External Hard Drive Question

Chris F

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So I "happened" upon a 250 GB WD External HD in the past week, and I'm loving it. I'm backing up all my documents, music and emulation related items.




The problem is, there's no freakin' power switch on it.


What is the proper way to go about shutting it off at night? Can I just unplug it? DO I have to "remove/disengage" the drive in Windows first?


The documentation kind of sucks with it, so I don't really know what to do at night when I want to shut my PC off.

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Scott, I'm SO confused here.


1. Everytime I shut down my PC I should tell Windows to disconnect the drive?

2. The problem is not having it connected to my PC, but the fact that when my PC is off, the HD is still on, and the GIANT PINK LIGHTS on it are still on it keeps me up.


Basically, what I got from your advice is to:


A. Always disconnect the drive in Windows whenever I'm shutting down.

B. Physically disconnect the drive from the Firewire port after I've shut down.

C. One A+B are done, I can unplug the power from the HD.


Is this correct?

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If you're shutting the PC down, there is no need to tell Windows to disconnect it. It will be disconnected when the PC is off and you can safely unplug the power adapter.


If you want to disconnect the drive, but leave the PC running, disconnect the drive from within Windows. To do this right click on the plug and play icon in the system tray, select disconnect. It's now safe to unplug the power adapter.


If this still doesn't make sense, you need to play more City of Heroes ;)

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