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Gameroom in the new house


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Ok well the gameroom in the new house is just about done - Still working on tweaking everything just so and still have at least one project to complete but here we go:


Overall view looking in from the breakfast area:



So starting on the right we have:


Massage chair, Space Invaders and cheap airhocky table


Moving on we have:


The Tomorrowland Arcade, Buster the evil jaundiced bear/clown gumball machine, ddr pad lean location and



foosball - I still suck at it but I'm getting better.



Now onto the other half of the room. The desk was all built into the house and prior to move in I didn't know if I would be able to "entertainment center" it (if it would be big enough for tv etc etc). I don't think it could have worked out better myself...





and a little closer in



I had a super tall flexy rack that I split in two to put one in the chair spot and the other in the computer room.


Behind door number one:


(yes they are all hooked up too)


and doors two and three are controller storage and board game storage:




Some random shots of the shelves:



(Rizzo got a little too close to the edge there)





I am working on an mp3/xm jukebox should be done in a few weeks hopefully. I will post pictures when it is done...



So there we are. Thanks for looking!

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Thats what the rug is for :)


I've got a couple of those floor runners to cover them from flexy-to-rug and from rug-to-under-couch.


Actually in the pic w/ the xbox live sign lit you can see under the flexy rack the runner is pulled away a bit at the moment (d'oh!) but it is one of those things you don't notice till you look.

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Thanks for the comments!


Yep real Xbox neon sign from eBay. They pop up from time to time and vary greatly in pricing. So it is best to watch for one to pop up with a low Buy It Now. It is the same type as the one they have at EBs around here. It would be nice to find the PS2 Neon sign too.


Immediately to the left of the Space Invaders is a set of drive-in movie theater speakers. Picked those up an an antique store many years ago. Never tried to rig them up to see if they work (just haven't got around to it).

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I got the foosball table at Costco. It was right at $200. It is very well made and is HEAVY. The best part is the chrome goals make a satisfying ding when you hit one in - also it returns the ball to the side after a goal so you don't have to walk around it.


I have been considering adding cupholders to the arcade cabinet. I've seen the ones you are referring to - boat and camper accessory places have them too.

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It is basically just A PC. I started running it on an older 400MHZ machine I had but it kept on locking up on me so i shelved that and ended up using my desktop inside of it and am now using my laptop as my primary computer. It has a wireless ethernet card so I can upload new albums to it remotely.


Touch screens were too expensive so its all controlled w/ the keypad etc.

an older tiny radio shack amp and equalizer, speakers are Dayton, there is a passive subwoofer in it also - I would have take a pic of the back but I need to neaten up the cabling :)



The 4 buttons on the left are genre groups. The arrow buttons slide the album trays. You enter the number of the album on the keypad and it brings it up fullscreen and then you type in the number of the song. The knob below the keypad is a Griffin Powermate USB volume knob and the button above is escape.

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Man... :shock:


That room is exactly the kind of thing that gets me so frustrated that I can't yet afford to move out of my small rental place and get myself a house. Son of a... crap, what I could do with all the space a house would afford me!!


GAH! :bang:


Seriously, great setup! I'm most impressed - especially with the level of creativity (i.e. Mickey Mouse jukebox).

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How do you like VMJ. I'm going to be converting my old PC to a jukebox in short order and was thinking about using this for my player. I've played around with the demo a bit and like it much more than anything else I've tried, but a number of features are locked so it's kinda hard to tell.

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Of the ones I've tried VMJ is the one I like the best - there is a new version in the works (7) that fixes some of the problems but there are still a few annoyances that I would like to see addressed. First off I have no idea why it doesn't support visualizations. Secondly the interface for adding albums could use a lot of tweaking - even in the upcoming version. I would love to be able to administer the lists remotely so I don't have to hook up a keyboard/mouse everytime I want to do something... I'm debating adding PC anywhere just for that reason.


Gripes aside though I love how configurable it is and it works well with a small control set. The album selection is nice and there are some good skins already available. I would definately say its worth the price of admission, but if you want to try some of the others out there before hand there is a thread in the jukebox section of byoac.com (build your own arcade controls) that lists most of the packages with links, screeshots, etc.


Did you have any particular questions about the locked features?

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I spy .... a Crokinole board.


Always impressive buddy. Hope you're still enjoying the new house (of course you are).


Those drive-in movie theater speakers have got to be the longest standing item in your room ... you've owned those suckers ever since I've known you ... (going back to '91 or '92, has it really been that long, we are getting old).

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Originally posted by Zathras@Jul 2 2004, 11:22 PM

Of the ones I've tried VMJ is the one I like the best...

Did you have any particular questions about the locked features?

Most of the locked things in the demo were appearance related and the fact you had a limited number of available albums. I'm probably gonna give this one a go as i haven't been too impressed with the others I've tried. Have a touchscreen CRT on the way which is all I really needed before I started on mine.

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