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Xbox Live Video Chat

Romier S

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If I were courting one of you I would be all over this. However, since most of you are outside of my preferred sexual parameters and since I'm already married, I'll pass.


If, on the other hand, my brother or other family members were to suddenly purchase an Xbox and Live service I would heartily suggest this as a way to keep in touch.

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Originally posted by Robot Monkey@Jun 16 2004, 04:15 PM

Any idea on other uses? Specifically, games?



So you can prove you are a man when you slice a ball that doesn't get past the ladies tee?


I dunno man, I can barely stand to listen to some people on live, now I get a chance to see them?

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Video chat could open up some interesting ideas for games. Some type of Star Trekkish game with communicators and suchlike where each player runs a certain section of a ship? I suppose the communicator would work well there, but talk about a swank use of Live.


Or maybe you can vidcap your trash talking 16 year old opponent and play connect the dots with his zits between rounds.

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How many can connect at once?


We could try to put together an "amateur night", where those of us wannabe comedians could take the mic for 3-5 minutes with a prepared routine.


I would try out on some of my jokes on you guys, since I'm too terrified to actually go to an open mic night.


Good ol' fashioned charades might be fun too, given sufficient alcohol.



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