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LCVG Match Play Championships #2.5


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Hello all,


Here we go with LCVG Match Play Championships 2.5. It appears there aren't enough players to get a tourney of 16 going.


Therefore I am doing things a little differently. I have created this tourney for only 8 players (7 spots up for grabs). I have sent invites to the 11 others who joined Ricky's last one. DataTox also has one as he expressed interest. These people get first crack at joining. If for some reason it doesn't fill up with about 1 day remaining until the start with the invitations I've already sent, I'll send out an invitation to anyone else who would like to play.


I have kept all settings identical to the way they were before, just fewer players.


12 more players but only 7 more spots! Better hurry. 8)

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Originally posted by Vipor@Jun 16 2004, 06:20 PM

Calvin, that is some bad news. When will you be holding the memorial?

I don't know. I did go & buy a new Halo Xbox today with Leslie's help (you guys have no idea just how lucky I am) - but when I do send in the old one for repair I'm probably going to lose all of my game saves.


Of which there was an awful lot. :(


If you guys do need to get one more sopt filled, I'll make up & character - build up what I can, & go from there. But only if you need me yo get your 8 people. Let me know.

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Thanks for the invite Jeremy, but I will unfortunately have to decline. I'm headed to Vegas tomorrow for my bachelor party and then next Saturday I get married. :tu:

After that, I'm off to Hawaii for 10 days. So, good luck to all, and I will definitely be around after the 9th of July to join whatever's going on then.

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Since there are no spots left, I'm going to start things early. Good luck everyone*! :green:


* - read: me


EDIT: Round 1 pairings have been posted here. Remember you have until June 27 (11:59PM PST) to complete your Round 1 matches. Find your opponents everyone! Cyberwoo, we're up!

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Wow great match Jeremy! We were tied after 18 (I forget the score). We had 5 playoff holes and Jeremy finally broke through and won on the 6th playoff I believe. Match was 55 minutes long! :) My darn slice into the hazard on that last hole did me in. I've been having a hard time with that slice lately. Damn my small hands! ;)


Good luck the rest of the way Jeremy. That was alot of fun and I hope to participate in another tournament in the near future. Match play is where its at.

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Wow, Mike, I wish I could shake your hand after that match! :D


Yes, it was 4 - 3 (for Mike) after 16. Mike made an incredible chip to tie the 17th. I managed to squeak through on the 18th and tie up the match. Then it was tooth and nail for 5 holes of overtime! :) I fortunately managed to capitalize on one of Mike's rare hooks.


My hat goes off to you! :tu:

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