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Worms 3D Discussion

Angel P

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Originally posted by TheEvilEmpire@Jun 18 2004, 12:30 PM

I don't want to hijack this thread but can someone explain Worms 3D for me? I've read many members comment on this game. Would like to know what the deal is and if I should pick it up.

Worms is, and has always been, a turn-based game where you and up to three opponents control up to four worms in an attempt to be the last worm standing. Up until this game, Worms, Worms 2, Worms Armageddon etc. have all been 2D games. The gameplay in Worms 3D is the same as it has been since day one:


Your worms appear randomly atop a randomly-generated or player-chosen landscape (either indoors or outdoors) and one by one, players take turns inching around the map (aided by such things as jet-packs, ninja rope, parachutes etc.) then selecting from a massive array of weapons (such as bazooka, grenade, banana bomb, exploding sheep, holy hand grenade, dynamite etc.) and try to take an opposing worm's health down to zero (every worm starts at 100). Some weapons do more damage than others, as well depending on how direct your hit is. After you fire your weapon, you've usually got a second or two to scurry to a safer spot (although you usually can't make it too far). NOTE: Worms can't swim either so be careful around water! :)


There are many other factors at play here as well. Wind speed varies wildly from gail force to dead calm - this can have great influence on the trajectory of certain weapons. Planes fly overhead and drop all sorts of goodies onto the battlefield like special weapons (Super Sheep!) or health. Also, Napalm Strikes and Air Strikes (very limited number though) become available after a few turns have transpired.


You name your team and individual worms as well as choosing their speech. Some examples of speech sets from Worms Armageddon: Angry Scots, Brooklyn, Drill Sargeant, Jock, Kamikaze, Redneck and Thespian (just to name a few). Oh yes, you also choose what your worm's tombstone looks like after they are killed.


Worms 3D differs only that it, of course, takes things to the third dimension. Reviews have been pretty consistent (based on PS2 and GC versions) that this makes things a bit more difficult in terms of gauging how far you need to adjust your aim and so forth. A first-person view and birdseye view are accessible to help out in this regard. Moving your worm around uses a third-person perspective.


Should you get it? Well, I'll be on Live with it. :green: Team 17 will be releasing it at the $30 price-point which will make the decision easier for many. It'll be great fun! Here's hoping the Live component has all the expected amenities.

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I'm buying this game. But I've never played Worms before, I am embarassed to say.


I think I have the gist of it, but I hope I'm not the only newbie in the forum who gives this a shot.


I do have one question so far. I know four players can play on Live. Will this only be free-for-all, or is 2-on-2 possible?

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Here's pages about Death Tank.





My friends and I still get together sometimes and play 7-player.


Remember, Death Tank isn't turned based, it is real-time and continuous. Pure havok!


Sega was working on a 4-player Dreamcast game that looked like DT but was called Dee Dee Planet, and could be played online. Some of us were still eagerly awaiting it when the news of the DC's demise came... :(


Some guys were working on a PC version, but it looks like it stagnated:




Scorched earth 3D?



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You folks who haven't played any Worms might want to seek out a cheapie copy of Worms Armageddon or Worms World Party, available on many platforms. Those games should give you a very good idea of what Worms 3D will be like if it is ever published and will give you hours and hours of fun gameplay.



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