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Your first video game console


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In a different post I posted a pic of a computer I used in 6th grade, in finding that pic I was wondering if I could find a pic of the first pong/console game I had. Sure enough i did.




I think we got it around 1976 or 77, I remember getting it at my parents old house and we moved from there in 78.


what was your first one?

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I'm going to be revealing myself as a young whippersnapper here, but the first dedicated video game console I personally owned was the good old NES. I had friends with Intellivisions and Atari 2600's, played with plenty of Apple IIe's at school, and had a Texas Instruments TI-99/4A at home (if you don't remember these, they were a cartridge-based computer like this), but the NES was the first real console that was MINE, that I got to know and love.

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Originally posted by ChoiceStriker@Jun 18 2004, 02:24 PM

had a Texas Instruments TI-99/4A at home (if you don't remember these, they were a cartridge-based computer like this)

Hell yeah! We had one of those. I keep intending to dig it out of storage when I am at home (as in, where I grew up) next and see if it still works. :tu: We had the joysticks, speech synthesizer, and some good old tape players to save stuff on. :D


As far as first actual game console... well... let me date myself ridiculously - as a newbie - by admitting it was the Xbox. :P


Ok, we did have one Pong clone machine, but I can't remember which one exactly it was (and since it was just a few games, no cartidges, I'm not counting it).


[EDIT]This is the Pong device we had. The Bentley Compu-Vision.

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Mine was the Odyssey 2 as well. As a matter of fact, I think we got it when the NES was already out. We never invested in an NES until a year or two after it was released.


Oh, and the $1-$5 boxes of cartridges for the Odyssey 2 didnt hurt either!


TURTLES rocked!

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We had a pong box . But the first full fledged system was Intellivision. That system had a lot of good titles.



Burger Time







Tron Deadly Discs

He-man (rare title)

Empire Strikes back

Night stalker

Major League Baseball





Im probably missing a few . But it was a lot of fun back then. I still remember buying games at toys r us for it towards the end of its run. The good ole days of gaming



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I loved my Intellivision - that was the first cartridge system that I ever had. My father had an Atari 2600, & before that,one of the Combat tank systems.


My first gaming things,though - were a Coleco Telstar Pong machine & a handheld Mattel Football II.

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The first gaming system we had in my house was an Atari 5200. We had two games for it, Pac-Man and Galaxian. A few years later my folks bought a computer and that became my source for gaming for several years afterward.


The first real video game console that I owned was an NES, which I received for my birthday, after months and months of begging for it. I think it's safe to say that it was a sound investment.

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I followed the same progression as Baiter. Atari 2600 was my first (I remember running and jumping around my apartment like nutcase when my grandparents got me Frogger for my birthday). I think my favorite game for the Atari was Adventure though.


Next was the Apple IIe, complete with the 80-columns card, ImageWriter II printer, mouse - the works! I spent way too much time playing stuff like Bard's Tale II, Archon 1 & 2, Montezuma's Revenge, Hard Hat Mack, Conan, Aztec, etc.


Man, those were the days!

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A 2600 here. I can still remember going to the Dollar General store and buying 2600 carts for like 50 cents a piece. My dad was working up in NY the year they test marketed the NES there and he bought me one. I still have the Motherboard from that system somewhere.

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We had a hand-me-down Pong clone along with a one-game console that was shaped like motorcycle handlebars. The entire game was jumping over busses. I remember enjoying it.


I was then given an Atari 2600 as a birthday gift which I would still have if my father hadn't given it away in the NES days.

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I started of with the 2600 as well :tu: Later my brother and I graduated to the Colecovision in the mid 80's.


I remember my dad bringing home a RadioShack TRS-80, but none of us were really computer literate at that time, so nothing really got done with it :shock:


My how times and games have changed :D



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