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Gamer Tag change


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Since the old SOCOM clan has pretty much spread apart game playing wise, I don't feel that Auntie Muffin applies anymore. So I have changed my gamer tag. In keeping with the Batman theme of our family ... I was lucky enuff to get Batgirl as my new gamertag for Live. So, for those of you I have added to my list, if you see an invite from Batgirl .... that's me if you want to accept it. For those of you who want to add me to you list, feel free to send an invite my way. I usually play Tetris or Trivial Pursuit. Sometimes I get in a game of Links.


The Auntie Muffin account will be active for 30 days from now, then will be cancelled. :green:

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Originally posted by splunk@Jun 18 2004, 10:20 PM

How did you change your gamertag? Did you just buy a new account when your old one is about to expire and re-register?

That is kinda what she did. We had one of those 2 month free trial papers,so we looked to see if Batgirl was available. Her Auntie Muffin tag was up for renewal,so this works out nicely.

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Originally posted by Failsafe@Jun 19 2004, 07:06 AM

I'm actually quite surprised that Batgirl was available. Seems like a name that would have been snapped up a while ago. Good job! :)

:green: :tu:


I was really surprised too. And I hate using numbers after my name. Like Batgirl_2000, or Batgirl03. I prefer the original or I will think up something different.

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Originally posted by Buck@Jun 19 2004, 11:18 AM

Moving back to Xbox as the subforum is for scheduling and organizing games.


Congrats on the new tag, Leslie :tu:

I'm sorry, I did not know a subforum existed for Live gamertags as I usually don't play the same games you shoot 'em up guys seem to like, so I don't go in there very often. ( actually, I don't think I have ever been in there. ) I just use AIM to set up something. :oops:


Since most people know already about this, could someone delete this topic for me ?


Again, I apologise.

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No, no, this isn't anything you did. I misunderstood something and moved it into the Live. Buck took care of it and moved it back to where you put it.


My current understanding is that future announcements related to new gamertags or gamertag changes should go in the stickied gamertag list topic in the Live subforum.


Sorry for the confusion.



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