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Sister Psyche Task Force

Romier S

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Alright so I missed out the last time everyone was able to complete the Sister Psyche Task Force so I want to go ahead and schedule another run through next Tuesday or Wednesday night (I have off both days). I figure start time would be around 9pm-10pm until we finish or until we get tired.


Anyone interested?

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Guys tonight Im gonna be on from around 7/7:30-9 est to lvl up to 22 before the TF. One bar to go but i got some debt i got this morning right after i cleard off the debt from last night. Then ill take a break before we do the TF. So if anyone wants to join me in talos for some xp hunting, let me know




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So I'll play "cruise director" again and list the participants, just so we can get an idea of who's playing, who needs sidekicking, etc.:


Romier: Level 24(?) Blaster (I know you dinged last night but I forget what level.)

Scott: Level 25 Controller (gratz on 25, man!)

Dave: Level 25 Tanker

Joey: Level 22 Scrapper

Glen: Level 21 Scrapper

Chrisv1: Level 21 Blaster

Joel: Level 22 Controller

Shawn: Level 22 Defender

Jason: Level 20 Scrapper edit: Jason can't make it tonight

Ben: Level 21 Tanker


Oops, that's 10 people and the max we can hold is 8. Is everyone on this list confirmed for tonight? If so, we may have to draw straws. :)


Start time 10pm tonight sounds great. I hate to say this, but I'm going to have to drop out around 3am EST. Every TF I've run so far has lasted until 3:30am or so, and in my house the day starts around 3 hours later when the baby wakes up, and I'm afraid these old bones just can't take that kind of abuse anymore. :oops:


You guys feel free to soldier on without me (with Scott around you hardly need a tanker anyway, lol), but I just wanted to give you all a heads-up. As a reference, the last time we ran the Psyche TF it took us about 7 hours. That was without blasters or scrappers, so it may be a little quicker this time, but then again we will spawn twice as many enemies with 8 people so maybe not. :P


(edited to correct levels)

(not edited to make Dave look like a liar)

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Gah...I can't do it tonight, so you can scratch me off that list. If anyone wants to get together a TF for Wednesday night, I would be up for it.


BTW Dave, I'm lvl 20, I should be 21 within an hour or so of playtime.


Maybe I'll hold off hitting 21 to see if anybody wants to do the 16-20 lvl TF mission?

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'nique hit 22 last night. Huzzah! I now posess the "Wind Hula-Hoop" power. :)


My intention is to be there tonight, however I'm having dinner with a girl friend (note, not "girlfriend") from my building. I should be done by 9pm (central time), but if it turns into something more than just a bite to eat (there's always hope), I'll be bailing on you louts. ;)

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