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Knights of the Old Republic 2 Video


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Looks good. I'm looking forward to this title. I really enjoyed the first, even though I never got around to going through it via the Dark Side.


I'm sure I'll pick this one up at launch, if I'm not still wrapped up in Halo 2 ;)


Thanks for the link :tu:

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I started as a Light female, but I got so tired of trying to get that lame-ass Carth to show any interest in fucking me, I abandoned the game. Maybe I'll try again as a Dark male (and see if that sparks Carth's plug).

I've never even played this game and that's one of the funniest things I've read in weeks!!! :lmfao:

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Definetely a must buy. I just hope they don't try to come out with more downloadable content for the first one because after this one comes out I won't want to come back to the first. Supposedly there is suppossed to be some new quick weapons switch button too. You know if you have one lightsaber for hacking people, and then one that has better attack bonuses against droids you can switch between them with the touch of the button. No more selling or collecting various alien weapons that you'll never use. I guess that's the idea of quick weapons switch. :green:

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