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New Camera...

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My wife rules.


"Mind if we stop at Lambeau to take some pictures?"


"Nope. I wanted to stop there to look for kids clothes."




I took about 5 pictures of that rock while I was up there... don't ask me why, but I had a brief spell where I thought I needed pictures with it in there.



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Yeah, that camera really makes me look like I know what I'm doing.


Those are pretty much the stock settings. I've made some changes such as letting it do the focusing, auto adjusting the ISO for the images.


There is almost no shutter lag on the system at all. Once it focuses, it snaps the shot.


One of the main things that I wanted with the camera was the ability to take it to Hockey games and snap off shots in action. One of the primary features for the camera is that it can take about 12 shots in 4 seconds, so that should most definately work.


Regarding that last baby shot, that was the one I was most proud of... although my wife didn't understand why. :)



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