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Vivendi closes Sierra


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At least the Seattle/Bellevue location. According to the person who emailed me (this person works there), Leisure suit larry will be their last title from this studio. No word yet on what happens with HL2 or other Sierra titles (think Blizzard).


For more info, check out f*ckedcompany.com (replace the * with a u for those who have never heard of this site)


And here's the CNN Money/Game Over article with more info: http://money.cnn.com/2004/06/21/technology/vugames/index.htm



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Wow, it's hard to know how I feel about this.


On the one hand, Sierra is hardly the studio it used to be these days, having long ago lost the spark that made it one of the founders of the PC gaming scene.


On the other, that spark really meant something to me. I wouldn't be the hardcore gamer I am now without the likes of the King's Quest series, Space Quest series, Gabriel Knight, Leisure Suit larry, Quest For Glory, and so many others.


Geeze, like a little bit of my childhood shutting down there. Strange nostalgia, especially for a company that is, like I said, really not much of anything these days but a distributor.

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Yep when i first got into PC gaming it was all about the Sierra games. Space quest was and will always be my favorite game series. KQ, PQ, LSL and a bunch of others were excellent as well. Not to mention they made some kick ass pinball games



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From what I read earlier today, it sounded like Blizzard was the only company that would be left untouched.


It was sad to see what happened to Sierra. I have very fond memories of the Space Quest series. Those were some of my favorite gaming moments when I was getting into PC gaming.



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Originally posted by CaptainRon@Jun 23 2004, 08:31 AM

So was blizzard seperate from sierra? Sad to see the company go under, but I'm happy blizzard will be left standing

Blizzard is its own entity in the Vivendi universe, they are also Vivendi's cash cow and so Vivendi would be STOOOOOOOPID to touch them.

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