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Kingdom Under Fire

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After watching the new movies, this game shot right up my anticipation meter and is now in second behind Halo 2. Kingdom Under Fire looks to be something else. It combines the flash and intensity of LOTR:ROTK with the scale of a Dynasty Warriors game, while adding features that us Dynasty Warriors fans have demanded in vain for years. Most notable is the inclusion of multiple units with varying strengths. You can plan out your army composition and there are also RTS elements incorporated. Watching the different units go at it is great. The fracas that ensues when LOTR cave troll style beasts stomp around in a sea of humans is awesome. Oh, and did I mention the Live play? If the game plays as good as it looks like it plays, we've got a surefire winner.


To sweeten the deal, it looks to be coming in august, and at only $39.99




R.I.P. Dynasty Warriors

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Now if you are one of those people who likes short games, you may want to walk away. If you're a normal person, you'll be happy to know that Kingdom Under Fire sports more than 100 missions across 60 maps (and remember, you have four characters to choose from, each with unique mission variants, storylines and cutscenes) and will tout Xbox Live play


Hey!!! Right up my alley, eh Romier? ;)


This game just made my radar. :D

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