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DOOM3 Offical Release Date Set


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Originally posted by dogbert@Jun 23 2004, 05:41 AM

Har. A guy in work who's constantly claiming to be "in" with the likes of id kept saying October was the release date for sure.

October is the currently targeted release date for the Xbox version.

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British Board of Film Classification, all films/dvs etc go through them for approval (and cutting...) before release in the UK. Games with "lifelike" action or fmv have to go through them too for certification. It's these guys that put a 12/15/18 on a film or game.

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PC Gamer gave DOOM3 a 94%


Highs: Extraordinary graphics and sound; incredible tension, atmosphere, and mayhem.


Lows: Some stabs at humor fall a bit flat.


Bottom Line: Just as we'd hoped, it's a non-stop ride of tension, carnage and terror. A new classic.

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giga - wish they had that 2-pager in a full poster format. That is a NICE!


They do. You can see it at your local EB and Gamestop. Its a promo item for the game including a couple stand-ups I've seen. The manager at my local EB promised me one (both a poster and the stand-up) after they are done with them. I'll see if I can get an extra or two.

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