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Windows Explorer (XP) Crashing on me

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I am finally close to running my new PC full time now, but I have yet to sort out a frustrating issue with XP. Every time I run search off of the start menu to view drive content in explorer, I get an error message that informs me it will have to shut down and apologises for the inconvenience. I've got all the latest updates running from the Windows Update website, so this has me scratching my head.


Any ideas?



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Dan you really didn't mention if it crashes right when search starts, or if you're able to actually navigate into folders and sub-folders. Anyway, take a look at this link and see if it proves to be helpful. Seems like Explorer has a problem navigating folders that have a significant amount of image files in them.


EDIT: After reading a little further, seems it was narrowed down to having Photoshop the defualt viewer for .jpeg and .gif files. If you change the associations it seemed to clear up the problem. Of course, none of this may actually even apply to you ;)



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I don't know if this is what is happening in your case, but there is some explanation for MSVCRT.dll errors here:



(it talks about AIM specifically, but it sounds like it could apply to lots of different situations... there's a pretty detailed post a few replies after the start of the thread).

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You happen to have Kodak software installed?




If that doesn't help. I'd suggest discounting all pherphials, and take out any expansion cards except for video, this incudes sound cards, network cards, etc... If it works fine, add each card or device until the problem happens. Make sure the problem device has the latest drivers available.

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Originally posted by Daniel Brecher@Jun 26 2004, 06:24 AM

Well, it turned out it was the McAfee Internet Security Suite causing the troubles. I just uninstalled that, tried to access stuff in Explorer and no longer get the error message.



Surprise surprise... McAfee (and Norton) cause more problems than what they help with.


Glad you got it worked out.

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It's worth noting that many people rate AVG Antivirus above McAfee, even though the former is free.


I have Norton 2004, but Symantec Corporate Antivirus is much less bloated than Norton is and works just as well. AVG gets high marks for having a very small footprint, and I'd put it right below Symantec/Norton for it's scanning ability.

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