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Let's talk computer desks


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I'm in the market for an inexpensive yet large & functional computer desk. As most of the members here are fairly serious about their computers I thought I'd ask what you guys are using.

What do you use? How much did you pay? Where did you buy? Is there a good online source?


I've visited the local OfficeMax & Staples but didn't really find anything that did it for me. I thought they were asking a bit much for what are essentially particle board do-it-yourself desks.

I was also put off by the fact that the vast majority of their desks have two features I cannot stand:


1. The built-in dropped CPU holder - It may be a space saver but I think it's ugly. I built a good looking PC and want it proudly displayed -not hidden. Also, my case has a swinging door that would never fit in one of these things.


2. Keyboard trays - I prefer to use the actual desk for my keyboard/mouse. Most keyboard trays don't have nearly enough real estate for my requirements anyway. During gaming I require space to move which is restricted by keyboard trays.


In case my descriptions are lacking both of these features are visible in this picture: http://store6.yimg.com/I/everythingofficef..._1796_132038970


I'm curious to hear your thoughts and what you guys use.

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Hey Camp,


My first thought when I read this thread title was "Computer disks? Does anybody really use those anymore?" ;)


Well, I have a similar configuration at home and work - an L-shaped desk much like the one in the picture you posted. My desk at home was an O'Sullivan that I bought from Office Max a few years ago. I think I paid about $200 for it, but it was the do-it-yourself type. It is very heavy and sturdy, though.


I'm totally with you on the keyboard trays. I understand their purpose, but it seems like you're interested in a COMPUTER desk - i.e. for the sole purpose of using a computer. I want the keyboard front and center. Also, you have no idea how many times I've banged the hell out of my knees on those things. I hate them.


Wish I had more input for you, but just thought I'd share.

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I actually bought something VERY similiar to what you linked to, Camp. I didn't install the keyboard tray though as I can't stand them.


"Hiding" the computer box works for me though - I rarely need into it or behind it, and have no interest in showing it off. The L shape desk & corner location gained me a lot of space.

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After much searching (as it is for anything I purchase) I ended up with this desk. It had several things which were absolute requirements for me.


First off, the keyboard tray is the full length of the desk, so I have plenty of room for both keyboard and mouse. For me, this was also one fo the few desks I found that had a keyboard tray that was high enough that I wouldn't hit my knees on it, yet not so high it was uncomfortable to work at.


The monitor space is centered on the desk and is large enough to easily handle my 19" tube, I could probably squeak a 21 in if I needed to. I really hate desks with a monitor stand off center, my neck and back get sore from twisting to look at it.


Everything on it is open and easy to access. I hate trying to unhook cables in those little crawl spaces they give you in an enclosed desk, and I worry a bit aboutairflow as well.


The big thing for me, though was the layout of the platforms. I haven't run out of room for anything I need hooked up, and I can slap a 61 note synth on the desktop with out having to move my joystick.


I paid about $120 for it on sale at office max a few years back, think it normally is just under $200. The thing is built like a tank. Only problem is I don't see them in stores too much anymore, but occasionally still run across them.

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I went to Ikea, not looking for a desk, but came home with this - yes, the name is really "Jerker" ;)


I may not be large enough for your needs, but I needed a desk that was smaller than what I had, I like how clean it is, I also like that I could put the desktop at whatever level I needed, and I added another shelf to the top of it (for a total of 2).


It also has these useful magazine and CD holders that fit into the vertical bars, I use them for manuals and CD-ROMs.


But wait, there's more! I got this shelf that also attaches to the vertical bars. It is hinged so it can swing away from the desk. I use it for a drum pad.


They also make drawers for it, but I didn't need them.


All in all it's a very well made, space-efficient and ergnonomic desk, and it's not expensive

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I doubt this will help you, but my computer desk is the one my parents bought for my Apple IIE. :shock: It's solid oak, and except for a few scratches from 2 or 3 moves it looks like new.


The message: quality furniture can last a lifetime :tu: Laminated pressboard will get you by for 2 or 3 years. :?

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I have the 48" version of this. Not cheap though. Paid nearly $1000 for it about 3 years ago. Best darn computer desk I ever used though. I'll probably never need anything else. Oh and it also has the worlds greatest drink holder. :) Interesting. Looks like the adjustacart line has been discontinued. Anyway Anthro is a local company that makes killer computer desks. If you want something that will last a lifetime and is very versatile look no further.



Edit: BTW I will never buy a desk made out of wood again. So heavy and obtrusive.

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