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Man I saw a street magician on tv the other week. Wish I could remember his name. Its on the tip of my tongue. Anyway he was really good. His signature trick was the ability to levatate himself. I wish I knew how he pulled that illusion off. I swear it looked real as hell and the peoples reactions were priceless. It freaked everyone out. Argh what was that guys name....





Originally posted by ChoiceStriker

Tell me David Blaine didn't make an appearance.


Thats him! :) I skipped right over that part of your post. Anyway he was on tv the other week and was really good.

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These were a bunch of newcomers I guess. I watched the first one, and then the local weather interrupted the second one, so I haven't watched the rest of it yet. The illusions were really cool, but the presentation of the show was lacking somehow. Some of the tricks were simple, but others were very elaborate. For example, they did a slight of hand card trick, and a "floating water cup" trick, but they also did trick where a guy makes his own head appear to fall off, and another where I guy goes through a plate glass window.


The premise is they do an magic trick in the context of a hidden-camera show, so the audience has no idea they are about to witness a magic trick. Sometimes this works, other times it just seems corny. T.H.E.M. stands for "Totally Hidden Extreme Magic".


But, since it's summer, if they keep showing this I will set a season pass and keep watching. It was pretty okay for family entertainment. I watched it with my 8 year old, and he kept insisting they were using computer generated special effects.



David Blaine wasn't in this show. I know how he levitates. (at least I think I do) :)




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